XOLO Mobiles have started rolling KitKat on some of its handsets, they recently provided KitKat for the XOLO Q1010i model and now it has been rolled out for the XOLO Q1010 model. Q1010 users can update it either by downloading it from the XOLO website or via OTA.

The Q1010i also got the update a few days back and as per the users who had updated the OS they are very much happy with it, performance has improved and handset is even smoother. The camera quality on the Q1010i has also improved.

XOLO has now rolled out the KitKat on Q1010. If you are using this handset you can use the XOLO Care app to check for update, download and install the updates. Make sure the battery percent is over 75%.

You can also download the update from the XOLO website and then copy the zip on the internal storage and use XOLO Care to install the same. In case you are not able to update the best way would be to visit the service centre and let them update.

xolo q1010 kitkat update

Do you own the XOLO Q1010? And have you updated to the latest KitKat? If yes do share your experience.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in