KitKat update rolled out on XOLO Q1010i

XOLO has rolled out KitKat update for some of their devices and now it has been rolled out on the XOLO Q1010i. You can download the updates using your handset or can do the same from the XOLO website.

OTA (Over the Air updates) will be much simpler. If you own the XOLO Q1010i just launch the XOLO care app and tap the update button. Then hit the check for software update. You will then need to download the new update file that is around 298 MB. Better to download it using Wi-Fi or 3G.

Also make sure that the battery percent is over 75% as you would not want the phone to shut down cause of low battery during an update. You can also check the XOLO website to manually install the update by downloading the file on your PC.

On the XOLO software update page you will find the software download link for Q1010i and the instructions for the software update.


If you are using the Q1010i, download the update and let us know how it went and if there is any improvements in terms of performance and battery life, or anything new that you might have noticed.


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