Yu Yureka running on Android 5.0 Lollipop Cyanogen OS

I received the Lollipop update notification on Yu Yureka handset today. The update size was about 677MB. It is  Cyanogen OS 12.0. I have downloaded and installed the update. My Yureka is now running Lollipop.

Before the update make sure to keep the battery level at over 75%. It will take time downloading 677MB of data and also a good time to plug in the charger to bring / keep the battery level at over 75%.

It took a long time for the OS to install and optimize the app and once I got the home screen the performance was not at all good, it was slow and lagging a lot. The handset was also getting hot. I restarted the phone and again saw 5 apps being optimized. Performance improved, and to be on a safer side I rebooted the phone again, this time again I saw the message android is updating – before the home screen showed up.

Make sure the net connection is working Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G / 2G after the update this will fix most issues.

Now on this Lollipop OS there is no auto brightness option so in case you had put the handset in auto brightness mode before the update, it will change to default low or high that you might have set in manual mode. The first thing you need to do is go to settings -> Display and Light and enabled adaptive brightness.

yu yureka lollipop download update

You might get some error related to Google play services make sure to tap that and update it, it will fix.

It would be better if you update all the apps (if there is any update available) before you install the Lollipop update.

yu yureka lollipop text

yu yureka lollipop screen after install

I was still facing some issues and went on for a factory reset as a last option. It took some time. I have started using the handset with the Lollipop update (Cyanogen OS version 12.0 based on Android 5.0.2) , seems smooth for now, will use it for few more days and will update this page in case I find any issues.

Handset battery temperature (CPU-Z) is 39 to 40 degrees, am installing updates, also charging (battery at 10%). The battery temp dropped when phone was idle.

10:27PM : Since I did a factory reset. RAM = 1GB free and storage 10.20 available.

10:49PM : OTG works I can connect OTG pen drive. If file manager is open and you connect OTG it does not refresh, close file manager and start again and you will see the OTG USB drive listed.

22 APR 2:58PM : Handset is smooth, no issues ran Antutu benchmark 64 bit version (handset is running 64Bit OS) – Benchmark score = 33041 in balanced mode.

7:10PM : Developer options is disabled by default to enable it go to settings -> about phone scroll down to Build Number and keep tapping it, after few taps it will show number of taps needed to enable developer option.

9:06PM : Please read the instruction (check first image) – it is clearly mentioned that after lollipop upgraded you cannot move back to KitKat.

26 APR 3:46PM :
How to fix screen goes dark after manually setting brightness zero
Almost all users are facing this issue. If you manually move the brightness slider to low (extreme left) the screen goes completely dark. You will not be able to see the screen. I tried it but kept the finger on the slider at all time so that I could move the slider and get the right screen brightness.

If you had manually changed the brightness to low and removed your finger from the slider. You sure are looking at a blank screen though the phone is still active. To fix it you will need to blindly follow these instructions. Your phone screen is dark, you will not see anything, unlock the phone (hope you are using swipe to unblock). Once done use two fingers to swipe from top screen to bottom. Note you will still see a blank screen, now tap and hold the finger in the center screen a slightly above the volume down button line – that is where the brightness slider is. If you don’t see the screen lighting up, tap again around the same area, you will get.

The other simple option if you have access to a torch light is to switch it on and bring / point it close to the light sensors – it is near the incall speaker. You will see the dark screen lighting up.

There is a problem with brightness settings, don’t set to too low.

29 APR 6:54PM: I found one more issue related to micro SD card probably that could also be a reason why some users are experiencing slow and sluggish performance. I am using 32GB card, it was working well on KitKat but on Lollipop though it is working without any issues, but if I connect  the handset with PC it takes some time getting the SD card content folder on the PC screen, now the same SD card works without issues on other handset when connected with PC.

Also if you create  a new folder on SD card using PC (when the phone is connected to PC) and then disconnect and then remove the new folder from phone and connect back to PC and try creating the same folder again you will get an error, you will not be able to create the same folder that you deleted using the Phone, but you can create another folder with different name.

Now when I am using the same SD card on another phone doing the same process there is no such issue.

If you are facing any issues do leave a comment below.

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