iPhone 15 series back glass cracking during bend test and the titanium frame also not as strong as the drop test all failed, but does these test really make sense, and is the iPhone 15 series smartphones strong and durable watch this video from a iPhone user perspective. 

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iPhone 15 Series: Strong, Durable, and Worth Every Penny

The iPhone 15 series has been creating quite a buzz, with various videos of drop tests and bend trials making the rounds. But does this mean these iPhone 15 series smartphones are as delicate as they appear in these videos? Let’s delve into their resilience and the psychological aspect associated with these high-end devices.

To start with, these iPhones are indeed sturdy and long-lasting, with a fascinating psychological element that plays a crucial role.

Psychological Aspect: The Relationship Between Value and Care

When someone splurges on a high-priced smartphone like the iPhone 15, they usually handle it with extra caution. This psychological bond with the device means users are less likely to handle it carelessly.

It essentially boils down to value – when you shell out a substantial amount for a product, you’re more likely to safeguard it. This explains why most iPhone owners invest in protective covers and screen protectors as soon as they acquire their new device.

Resilience: Beyond the Drop and Bend Trials

Numerous YouTube videos feature iPhones undergoing severe drop and bend trials, but it’s essential to remember that these tests are often performed by content creators who aren’t worried about damaging the phone because they can recoup their money through viewership and engagement.

In reality, most iPhone owners don’t subject their devices to these trials. Why? Because they’ve invested in a valuable asset.

The iPhone 15 Pro is genuinely sturdy and durable for daily use. Its resilience isn’t determined by the extremes highlighted in these trials but by its ability to withstand the regular wear and tear of everyday life. Accidental drops and minor knocks are unlikely to cause significant damage.

Frame and Materials

The iPhone 15 Pro boasts a titanium frame, renowned for its sturdiness and lightness. This titanium frame is stronger than stainless steel, providing enhanced protection while maintaining the device’s lightweight nature.

However, it’s crucial to note that the iPhone 15’s front and back are made of glass. While glass contributes to the device’s high-end feel, it can still shatter upon impact.

Heat and Battery Concerns

It’s typical for a new smartphone to heat up during its initial use due to processes like data transfer, app installations, and updates. The battery also tends to drain faster because users are actively setting up and exploring their new device.

These issues usually subside over time as the iPhone adjusts itself based on your usage habits. So, if you notice some heating and battery draining when you first start using your iPhone 15, know that it’s a temporary phase.

Conclusion: A Valuable Investment

The iPhone 15 series isn’t merely a smartphone; it’s an investment in a top-quality, long-lasting device. Its robust build, regular software updates, and the careful handling associated with its high price tag ensure it’s a device that can endure for years.

Keep in mind, people don’t purchase an iPhone to drop or bend it. They buy it for use, and they handle it with care. So, if you’re considering investing in an iPhone 15, rest assured that you’re choosing a device designed to withstand the test of time.

What are your thoughts? Would you purchase an expensive phone only to subject it to extreme trials, or would you prefer to enjoy its high-end features and durability in daily life? Share your views in the comments.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in