Almost all of you are aware that Reliance will be coming up with their broadband services pretty soon. They are calling it Reliance JioFiber, and like what Reliance did with Jio when they initially launched, the company will offer free JioFiber services to customers.

Reliance JioFiber Trial have begun

If you may recall when Reliance went live with Jio services they were offering customers a free SIM and unlimited data usage (with a per day cap), and it was a huge success. The same format will be applied to the Reliance JioFiber, wherein customers will get to try 100 Mbps internet connection for free.

Even before Jio was officially announced and rolled out to everyone, Jio testing had in fact already started and few selected customers & Reliance Employees did get to try that first. The same is now happening with JioFiber. The company is providing free connections / usage to Reliance Employees and selected customers.

Reliance JioFiber trail has begun

Reliance JioFiber 100 Mbps free

There is no official word as to when the Reliance JioFiber will be officially rolled out but Jio Care twitter account already revealed that JioFiber trials have commenced in selected cities Gujarat, Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai – for selected customers / reliance Employees.

JioFiber Preview offer 100 Mbps / 100 GB limit (expected)

As per the offer users will get complimentary access for 90 days and can enjoy high speed net at up to 100 Mbps speed, there will be a monthly data cap of 100 GB.

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  1. Hi Gogi , I and some needed people are waiting for your budget Video Stabilizer.

    1. It will take time as am getting it via normal shipping might get it before end of month.

  2. This is not good. Other companies may close down due to free offers. Govt should such practices. May leax to job losses

    1. Are you retard or what? free offer is only for trial purpose. They will charge less and give more benefits to end user. Customer is going to saved from being lured.

  3. I’m currently using excitel broadband which is giving me 50mbps download and 50mbps upload with no FUP and the monthly charge is only 800 rupees, I think it is still better than jio broadband.

  4. Once all the other companies stop operations, Jio will charge what they like. Ambanis did not make their fortunes by giving stuff for free. They are just setting up a monopoly by putting all other companies out of business.

    1. This is very old way of saying. Same thing is being told about Amazon. Not valid in the current age.

      1. Money is money, the ways of doing business have never changed. The rich have always stayed rich because consumers don’t analyse. They are happy till it’s free or affordable. Most things in the market are overpriced. So just think why they are giving for free.