The Apple iPhone 4S launch was smooth and the response was enormous however many users were unhappy with the battery performance and now many users are complaining about echo problem during voice call. The echo creeps up when iPhone 4S users are using the hands free headset during a voice call.

Just a few days back iPhone users were complaining about battery drain problem which was related to a time zone bug.  But by disabling the time zone feature many users were able to bring life back into the battery. And now the echo problem which is something new and quite unpredictable as it can happen anytime after 30 seconds during a call.

iPhone users would heard voice echo when using the Apple hands free headset but even after using a different headset the echo was still there. This points out to some issues with the iPhone 4S handset or the iOS 5 software.

fix iPhone 4S echo problem
fix iPhone 4S echo problem

Here is a temporary fix to the echo problem

During a call simply turn on the speakerphone and then turn it off this will get rid of the echo.  This is a temporary fix and you might need to do this whenever you are making or receiving a call using the headset.

As usual no word from Apple but we might see an iOS 5 update soon.  Check the Apple support forum and report any problems you might have encountered when using your iPhone 4S.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -