Many of you might have already got a Reliance Jio SIM. It was a bit tedious getting one initially but as days are passing by the process has become simpler, faster and at times almost instant. You can get a new Jio SIM and activated within minutes.

Why is Reliance offering free SIM with Jio Welcome offer?

If you think Reliance is offering free usage of data and voice to help users experience the Reliance network that will go commercial from 1st Jan 2017 – you are partly right. But the real reason for offering free SIM with 4G / Voice / Data is to get users to buy a 4G smartphone.

Reliance Jio needs 4G it will simply not work on handsets without 4G support. So when Reliance started giving free SIMs with free data/voice usage there was a huge rush, and there are still many in the queue wanting to get a free reliance Jio SIM.

Getting a Reliance Jio SIM gets simpler

Guess what, all these JIO SIM users are using 4G smartphone, well without a 4G smartphone you are not going to get a Jio SIM. The basic criteria is to get a 4G smartphone if you need Jio SIM this also increased the demand of 4G smartphone in India, specially the one with VoLTE support.

If you haven’t got a jio SIM you can now get one easily, in fact Reliance will soon make the process simpler, you can get eKYC verification (+ get the SIM) done at your home. The company is also organizing a mini-camps at housing societies where the society members can instantly get a Jio SIM and verification done via eKYC on the spot.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -