There are Bluetooth headphones where the ear buds are attached to each other via wires and there are ones that are completely wireless. Here is the BOROFONE T7 TWS review, this is a complete wireless Bluetooth stereo headphone and you can get it for around Rs. 2300.

I have done the review of Zoook Twin pods and that was priced at around Rs. 5000. In case you loved that technology here is a cheaper option, and the performance is as good, just that the battery life on this BOROFONE T7 TWS is less compared with Twin Pods.

The BOROFONE T7 TWS offers true wireless freedom, there are no wires, you get the same stereo effects. This device makes use of Bluetooth 4.2, there are two ear buds, both these ear buds are connected to each other via Bluetooth.


BOROFONE T7 TWS Specifications

Inside the box (Unboxing) : Charging base, 2 x earbuds, user manual, data cable (USB to micro USB) and ear plug caps
Ear Bud Material : Silicon, ABS and PC
Bluetooth version : 4.2, A2DP, AVRCP
Charging base battery : 500 mAh
Ear Bud battery : 30 mAh each
Battery Life : 1.6 hours
Charging Time : 1 hour

BOROFONE T7 TWS ear buds


The pairing process is simple. There are two ear buds and each of these earbuds come with their own button, so when using the buds you need to power on both the devices. When you switch on the ear buds the 2nd ear bud i.e. the right side ear bud will connect to the left side ear bud.

BOROFONE T7 TWS quality and performance

The left ear bud is the primary ear bud that will connect to your smartphone. The whole process of pairing is very simple, just like you do with other Bluetooth devices. This earbud is very comfortable to wear, fits perfectly and looks really good . Voice dialling and redialling is supported, may depend on the smartphone you are using.

The sound quality is very good, good bass and the low and mids sound pretty good. This is as good as experienced on most of the other Bluetooth headphones. The BOROFONE T7 TWS connects quickly, instantly  and you also get voice notification (in English).

BOROFONE T7 TWS charging

You can use the BOROFONE T7 TWS for making and receiving calls. Now this individual ear buds will give you one and a half hours to 2 hours of non-stop usage after that you need to keep the ear buds inside the charging base to charge. The base can also be used to store the ear buds when not in use.


The base houses a 500 mAh battery, base is cylindrical shape and there is LED notification on one side that will give you an idea about the battery level of the base. You need to charge the base once the battery is used up. This charging base can charge the ear buds for up to 5 times. Check the video review to see what happens when you put the ear buds into the base.

BOROFONE T7 TWS charging and storage case


BOROFONE T7 TWS is a very good buy, quite affordable and the quality is also pretty good. The only issue is the low ear bud battery life but then one and a half hour to two hours should be good for many users, more battery life with lower volume. You need to charge the ear buds after that which means you will not be able to enjoy during the charging process. When you receive a call only the left ear bud is active.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Where to buy BOROFONE T7 TWS

This is not available in India but you can buy this from Gearbest website. The price is $35.99 that comes to approx Rs. 2300. Choose Priority line shipping, it will take 15 to 25 working days or more (depending on festive season), plus high change this will come without custom duty.

Use the link and coupon code below – you can get it for approx Rs. 1,500 (for limited period / unit).

BOROFONE T7 TWS Bluetooth V4.2 Earbuds Headset with Mic  –  BLACK
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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -