Here is another review of a laptop cooling pad called the Ergostand cooling pad for laptops with 10 inch and 15.6 inch screens. I got this for Rs. 625, the price has increased as of now it is available for Rs. 900. Read this review to know more.

Design and features

Inside the box you will get the cooling pad and a cable. Build quality is very good, especially the finishing, it’s impressive. As mentioned this laptop stand supports 15.6 inch max screen size laptops. In fact I am using a laptop with a 15.6 inch screen and it is a exact fit, with a little space short on the left and right, but that is acceptable.

This Systech Ergostand is using metal mesh surface that is strong and of a very good quality. It is light weight, easy to carry and provides 4 different angles + default (flat). There are dual fans underneath the mesh that helps keep the laptop bottom cool.

systech laptop cooling stand box pack

These fans are 140mm and spins at 1200 RPM. There is a knob and 2x USB ports. You need to connect the USB cable to laptop USB port and other end into the cooling pad port. You can then use the knob to control the fan spin (check video review), there is blue LEDs too that will light up and their intensity will increase or decrease based on the fan speed.

systech laptop cooling stand dual fans with blue LED light

This is super silent and it works like exhaust fan laptop bottom that touches the mesh, air is sucked and thrown from below the stand bottom.


This is a very good buy in case you are planning to buy a laptop cooling stand. These cooling stands will not help cool the laptop but it does provide ample breathing space for the laptop (bottom) and also keeps fresh cool air flowing around.

systech laptop cooling stand /pad connected to laptop

Just imagine placing the laptop on a bed, it covers the bottom completely, no ventilation and this will heat up the laptop hence a stand is what you should use and better if it comes with cooling option.

systech laptop cooling stand metal surface

Systech Ergostand laptop cooling pad is another very good option, I got it for Rs. 625 that was an excellent price, later I checked it was Rs. 1,149 and as of now it is priced at Rs. 900.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Ergostand is available on Amazon.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -