Here is the review of Quantum QHM350 cooling pad for easy thermal heat dissipation with built in noiseless fan. This pad can be used with different size laptops, it not only helps keep the laptop cool but also makes the laptop usage more comfortable.

Unboxing QHM350

Inside the box you will get the data cable, grip pads x 2 and the cooling pad.


The Quantum QHM350 cooling pad body is made of metal and plastic. It is light weight, easy to carry though it does take some extra space. The QHM350 can be adjusted at different angles giving you a more comfortable laptop usage experience.

You can place the cooling pad on your lap without any issues. This pad is available in different color options. On the back side there is a power on off button and a 2x USB ports. One USB port is to power on the cooling pad and the other USB can be used to connect other devices – it kind-of compensates the USB port that you used on the laptop for this cooling pad.

Quantum QHM350 Cooling Pad laptop attached

This device is stylish, tough and the laptop does not slip off that easily. I used the HP laptop with 15.6 inch screen. It was a perfect fit, you can use smaller laptops too. There is an option to use two clips on the front to prevent the laptop from sliding – specially those laptops that do not have a good grip mechanism underneath.

Quantum QHM350 Cooling Pad LED and fan


Connect the USB cable – one end into the laptop USB port and other end into the cooling pad USB port. Then press the power button to power on the fan, blue LED will light up. You can use the 2nd USB on the cooling pad to connect other devices like pen drive etc.

The cooling pad fan is noiseless and it does help the laptop stay cool.

Quantum QHM350 Cooling Pad review


The best thing that I liked about the Quantum QHM350 cooling pad are the different angles. You can adjust the height as per your comfort level / posture. Apart from protecting the laptop this Cooling Pad also helps get a very comfortable laptop usage experience.

Quantum QHM350 Cooling Pad angle

This one is really worth considering.

Rating 4 out of 5

Quantum QHM350 cooling pad is available for Rs. 479.

Quantum QHM350 video review

By Rajeev Rana

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