Another power bank from Ambrane, the Ambrane Power Bank P-1313 is available in India for Rs. 1,499. Here is the review of P-1313 that covers design, performance and battery life. P-1313 comes with 13,000 mAh battery and has a built in torch too.

Unboxing P-1313

Inside the box you will get the power bank, data cable and user manual.


The Ambrane Power Bank P-1313 is packed inside a metal body with a good built and finishing. This power bank weighs about 349 grams. It has got a curvy body, ports are on the curvy sides, LED on the flat side and LED torch on the top.

There are 2 USB ports with max output 5V/2.1A, this PB (Power Bank) can charge two devices simultaneously. The micro USB port (max input 5V/2.1A) can be used to charge this PB. There are 4 LED’s on the flat side that will light up when the power / batter check button is pressed.

Ambrane P-1313 power bank unboxing

Each LED represent approx 25% battery juice – so for example if all the LED’s light up it means the PB is fully charged (100%) and if only 3 LED’s light up it mean battery is approx at 75%. When a device is connected for charging the LED will be on, so you know that the device is being charged and at the same time you can see the PB battery level.

Ambrane P-1313 power bank review

Use it like a torch

If you double press the power button / battery check button, the torch LED on the front will light up. This feature does come handy in certain situations and since today many people carry a power bank having a torch feature built in makes sense.

Ambrane P-1313 power bank LED on

Performance and battery life

It took me 8 hours to charge this power bank with a 5V/2A charger from almost 0% to 100% (4 LED’s lighting up). Once fully charged I was able to use the power bank up to 10,000 mAh – this means you can charge a handset with 2000 mAh battery for up to 5 times or a handset with 5000 mAh battery for up to 2 times.

Ambrane P-1313 power bank ports

There is 13,000 mAh high quality Li-ion cells, the heat sensitive and temperature control mechanism makes sure that the batteries operate at optimal levels and are safe.

The torch works great, but I hardly used it.


There are many power banks available in the market. The Ambrane Power Bank P-1313 is also a good option and it does a good job.

Rating 3.5 out of 5.

Try getting the Xiaomi mAh power bank, in case if you are not able to get one you can go in for the P-1313.

Ambrane Power Bank P-1313 is available for Rs. 1,499.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -