Here is one more excellent product from Xiaomi the Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer. Now this devices is not available in India. This is a non-contact infrared thermometer that gives you accurate body temperature.

The Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer is using advanced German Heimann Sensor and this infrared thermometer can detect body temperature in just 1 second. It is noiseless, there is no need to touch the body. When temp is detected you will get a mild vibration and you will be able to see the temperature on the LED display.

The Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer is very easy to use and best part is since it does not touches your body it is hygienic plus very fast, just takes 1 seconds to get the reading. Aim at forehead, press and you the body temperature instantly.

Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer review

Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer Specifications

Inside the box (Unboxing) : Thermometer, user manual in Chinese, 2x AAA batteries
Type : Infrared Thermometer, point on forehead
Brand : Xiaomi
Sensor : German Heimann Sensor, Distance sensor and Indoor temperature sensor
Accuracy : +/- 0.2 Deg.C ( ranged 35 – 42 Deg.C ), +/- 0.3 Deg.C ( other range )
Battery : 2x AAA

Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer quality


There are three sensors on this Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer the German Heimann Sensor that measures the body temperature, then there is the distance sensor that detects the distance between the forehead and the thermometer – distance should be within 3cm. And finally the indoor temperature sensor that measures the indoor / surrounding temperature.

Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer design

The Indoor temperature sensor is to give you accurate reading no matter in which environment you are in, this indoor temp is taken for compensation. Build and finishing is very good, very premium. Its white color body with glass on the top with curved edges.

There is a big LED screen that is easy to read (even for the elderly) and below that there is a button – you need to press the button to get the reading. All you need to do is bring the Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer near the forehead just within 3cm range and then press the button, you will instantly get the reading. If the distance is more then you will not get the reading just —.

Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer Infrared

You need 2x AAA batteries and these will last for up to 3000 times. Now the body temperature reading is displayed in degree Celsius. In India we usually read temperature in Fahrenheit. Well just convert the readings, also there is no setting options on this thermometer, you cannot change reading from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Just to give you an idea 100 degrees Fahrenheit is 37.8 degree Celsius.

How to change Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer from Celsius to Fahrenheit

By default the thermometer is set to Celsius, and there is no mentioned in the manual to change that. But the good thing is it can be changed. Just follow this simple step.

1. Press and hold the button for a very long time until you see two options C and F, then release the button.
2. Press button to move between C or F.
3. When on F press and hold the button for a very long time to change the default temp reading.


This Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer is accurate, gives body temperature reading in just 1 second, it’s silent – perfect for new born babies / kids and hygienic as there is no need to touch the body. Plus this is a Xiaomi Mijia Product rest assure the quality will be really good.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Where to buy?

This product is not available in India, you can buy this from GearBest (click here). Now the price is $37.58 go with priority line shipping, you will need to spend $5.42 extra so in all approx $43 that comes to Rs. 2,700. High chance there will be no custom duty on this product.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -