Zoook Rocker Twinpods are true wireless Bluetooth device that provide excellent and true stereo effects. The Zoook Twinpods does not come with any wire attached, and when you look at the pricing it is also quite affordable.

The box pack is quite attractive and the first thing that will grab your attention when you open the box will be the female model and the second thing that will grab your attention will be the Twinpods. Inside the box you will get two pods (earbuds), charging case, cable, user guide, warranty card and artificial leather pouch to carry the case.


The earbuds are really small and they will fit comfortably well in your ear. There is left bud and a right bud you need to plug the earbuds properly  in your ear – check  video review (in Hindi). These are light weight earbuds – weight is 7 grams each. These earbuds comes with built in battery, mic, LED and button. There are charging points that will connect with the ones in the charging case.

zoook twinpods box pack

Charging case also comes with built in battery. The only way to charge the Zoook Earbuds is to use the charging case, the case can also be used to store the Earbuds when not in use. The case uses magnetic mechanism to secure the earbuds. You just need to place the earbuds in the correct compartment (left and right) and it will automatically secure itself with magnetic influence.

zoook ZB-Rocker twinpods - true wireless bluetooth earbuds

How to install Zoook Rocker Twinpods (Installation)

Since this Zoook Rocker Twinpods are not interconnected via a cable, the first time use / pairing process is different. For the first time you will need to press and hold the buttons on both the earbuds  for about 2 seconds after that when you see the LED lightning up leave the button.

zoook twinpods in charging case

The right earbud will then connect with the left earbud , when done the right earbud will blink blue and the left earbud will blink red & blue. This is the time when you need to pair the Twinpods with your smartphone. So the Left earbud is the primary device here and it will connect with the smartphone. The pairing process is same as you do with other Bluetooth devices. So right earbud connects with left earbud which in turn connects with smartphone.

zoook twinpods earbuds


There is no need to use both earbuds, if need be you can use only the left earbud. But when you want stereo effects you need both left and right earbuds. Once paired,  every time you switch on the device it will auto connect with last paired / used device. You can pair this Twinpods with multiple devices but at any time only one device can stream audio to the Twinpods.

zoook twinpods review

Once you put the earbuds  into the case it will automatically start charging and the earbuds will also shutdown. So when you remove the earbuds  from charging case you need to press the power button and hold for 2 seconds or so to switch on.

Left earbud is the primary pod you need that active / enabled for the right earbud  to work.

zoook twinpods in ear how to properly plug in ear


The fit was very comfortable and these earbuds will not fall off that easily. Performance was excellent, the best I have heard so far on a Bluetooth device. Bass and Treble output were excellent.

When you receive incoming calls you can use any of the buttons to accept / cancel, however only the left earbud will be active during a call. In case if you want to use the Zoook Twinpods for hands free operations (receiving / making calls), just use the left earbud.

When you get incoming call alert it just beeps, you will not know who is calling. This Twinpods gives voice alert like power on/off, connected, left channel, right channel, disconnected.

Zoook Twinpods Battery performance

Each of these earbuds will give you up to 4 hours of battery life. Once battery gets depleted, just put the earbuds into the charging case to charge. Charging case as mentioned comes with built in battery and it can charge the earbuds of up to 4 times. The earbuds in turn on a full charge will give you 4 hours of usage time. So in all with the charging case you should get 16 hours of usage time, after that the charging case will need to be charged.

It took me less than 2 hours 15 minutes to charge the Charging case (approx 2 hours).


If you face frequent disconnection problem try following

  • Charge the Pods.
  • If disconnection issue when placing handset in your trouser, it is more of a handset issue, keep handset in your hand for sometime, and use pods, then  place it in your pocket it should work. This issue happens on some handsets.
  • Try another handset and see if you can replicate the same issue.


This Bluetooth device is a lot different from the one that is available in the market with wires attached between the earbuds. The Zoook Twinpods gives you more freedom, more comfort and does not come with stings attached.

If you are planning to buy a Bluetooth headset / earphone, consider buying the Zoook Twinpods. It does come for a price but really worth it.

Rating 4.8 out of 5

Zoook Rocker Twinpods is available for Rs. 5,499.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in