SOL REPUBLIC an innovative audio maker has entered the Indian markets and have launched two products the Relay Sport and the Shadow Wireless Headphones.  Relays Sports Wireless headphone is priced at Rs. 4,990 and the Shadow Wireless is priced at Rs. 5,990.

Relays Sport Wireless

This headphone is made for active users (sports). It offers over 8 hours of usage time, it is water resistant and sweat proof. The Relays Sport Wireless headphone comes with FreeFlex award winning secure fit.

This Wireless is light weight, adapts to the ear size hence comfortable to wear. This Sports Wireless increases the right amount of bass so everything sounds just right. You can buy this from Amazon for Rs. 2,499. It comes with 1 year warranty.

Hero Relays Sport Wireless Black Ear Buds Hero Relays Sport Wireless Mint Front View Relay Sport Wireless Lime Ear Buds Hero Shadow Wireless Navy Gold Ear Buds

Shadow Wireless

This is a sleek and portable headphone that comes with a neck band that makes it comfortable to use for a longer period of time. Shadow will sound better that more wired headphones it also comes with built in mic and battery life is about 8 hours.

You can buy the Shadow Wireless from Amazon for Rs. 5,395.

“Our goal is to deliver audio products that offer unmatched sound, style and durability in order to change the world one listener at a time,” states SOL REPUBLIC Vice President, Mario Larsen. “The brand’s expansion into India is allowing us to do just that.”

“We are excited to serve as the exclusive distributor for SOL REPUBLIC within the market,” explains Director for Imagine Marketing Pvt, Ltd., Aman Gupta. “The company’s roots in innovation and love for music combined with our commitment to providing unique lifestyle goods are what make the partnership a perfect fit.”