If you’re a content creator or filmmaker, you know the importance of keeping your camera gear running smoothly. For wireless microphone systems, the TELESIN All in One Box Charger is the ultimate power and protection solution.

Not only is the charger compatible with the RODE Wireless Go 1 and Wireless Go 2 microphone systems, but it’s also lightweight and portable. With fast charging and three battery slots, you can power up on the go within just 2.5 hours. Plus, you can pack safely and securely thanks to the compact design that fits nicely in any backpack, camera carry bag, or luggage.

What really sets the TELESIN All in One Box Charger apart is its design, featuring an eye-catching and unique style. With the added bonus of protection from water and debris and a quality build that is fire-resistant, you can rest easy knowing your gear is always safe during the charging process.

The TELESIN All in One Box Charger boasts multiple safety features, including overcharging, short circuit, electronic shock, over-discharge, over-temperature, over-current, and over-voltage protection. If total reliability and performance matter to you as much as it should, the TELESIN All in One Box Charger is an investment worth making for smoother and more efficient content creation. 

At just Rs. 4000 in India, it’s the perfect solution for a must-have accessory that will upgrade your game.

Buy here – https://amzn.to/3B29e6I

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in