The creators of Angry Birds Rovio Entertainment Ltd. have now come up with a completely new game called Amazing Alex which is as exciting as the Angry Birds. This new games is currently available for iOS and Android OS.

Rovio will soon come up with the PC, Windows phone and Mac versions. Amazing Alex game comes with 100 levels and more levels will be added via updates. If you would recall Rovio did the same when they launched the Angry Birds version and to keep the excitement rolling they came with updates featuring many more levels.

After acquiring rights from Mystery Coconut and Snappy Touch the creator of Casey’s Contraption, Rovio, reworked on it, and gave it a new look, new name & content. This game is a bit different as compared to the Angry Birds. On each level you will find some objects that you need to put in the right place to create a chain reaction and complete the task.

For example there is a football on a higher level and you need to drop it inside a bucket on a lower level, and for that you can use limited number of object to control the flow. These objects can be placed anywhere and you can even rotate them as required. Very interesting game, try it out.

If you own an android handset launch Google play and search for Amazing Alex. There are three versions the paid, Amazing Alex HD and the free version.

amazing alex

amazing alex game loading

Game level - amazing alex

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -