I got this new cordless phone the SPC Telecom 6222V for Rs. 1700. Here is the Unboxing and video review for the same. This landline phone looks different from other cordless phones and in fact it runs on 1.2V – AAA rechargeable batteries.

This cordless phone is available in three colours. The two colour combination (Green or Blue or Maroon and White) goes well. The base looks attractive and the handset too with nice curves that is more comfortable to hold. Add to it the cordless handset is light weight.

This cordless phone is powered by 2 AAA rechargeable batteries of 550 mAh capacity. Usually the cordless handsets do not come with these type of batteries, instead most landline phones come with single, bigger batteries which are often hard to find when you want to replace them.

However I am not impressed with the battery life. I did charge the handset for more than 14 hours as recommended in the manual. Once I fully charged the handset I kept it on standby mode for about 9 hours and later which I checked the phone was off, battery drained off completely.

Thankfully it’s the AAA (1.2v) battery and I can easily find a better one with a higher capacity in the market. Apart from this the phone is functioning properly. The voice call clarity is good. The ring volume is quite loud. This is a 2.4 GHz phone and the range is as good as my previous Panasonic cordless phone.

The phone is easy to operate. As mention before the battery that came with the handset is not good as it discharges very quickly. The good part is that contacts saved on the phone do not get erased even when the battery goes dead. The call and cancel button is the same and it took me time getting used to it.

SPC Telecom 6222V Landline Phone key features

  • Call logs stores last 50 calls.
  • Adjustable headset / base volume.
  • Alphanumeric display with orange backlight.
  • Caller ID supported.
  • Weight = 126 grams, dimensions= 52x155x28mm.

SPC Telecom 6222V Price Rs. 1700 (some online stores are selling for as low as Rs. 1500) with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

SPC Telecom 6222V Review
Overall a good looking cordless phone the only issue is the low quality battery that came with the handset. It will last for just half a day in standby mode. But the AAA rechargeable batteries are cheaper and you can buy a better brand with higher capacity.

SPC 6222V unboxing and review video

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in