BlackBerry post paid consumers can now avail unlimited 3G access by paying an extra amount of Rs. 299 only. BlackBerry users will still have to pay for the plans they select plus Rs. 299 for unlimited 3G usage per month.

The Airtel’s free unlimited plan is applicable only when you browse on the BlackBerry handset. If you connect the phone (as a modem) to a laptop or computer you get only 1 GB of free usage in such as case (i.e. using Blackberry phone as a modem).

In other words you have unlimited 3G access if you just use the BlackBerry handset (on-device) but limited access (to 1 GB per month) when you connect the phone for sharing internet with other devices (off-device usage). Now here is the catch if you use the BB handset for sharing the net and if you cross the 1 GB quota and continue using the BB for sharing you will be charged at 2 paise per 10 kb.

Post paid Airtel consumers who have subscribed to 399, 599 and 899 plans can only avail the offer. The Airtel unlimited 3G plan for BlackBerry users is listed below.

Plan Rental 3G plan Total
399 Rs. 399 Rs. 299 Rs. 698
599 Rs. 599 Rs. 299 Rs. 889
899 Rs. 899 Rs. 299 Rs. 1198


By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -