This is good news for android uses looking for Indian language options. HTC will not support Marathi, Hindi and Tamil languages on their smartphones. The additional language support will happen soon via OTA (Over the air) update on most HTC smartphones.

According to HTC new handsets will come with the native language support and the handsets that are already in the market will get an update soon. The language support will be available on One X, One V, One S, desire C and Desire V.

Many Indian users always wanted this native language option on an android phone. The only option available for now, was to use a browser that supported the languages. But this support was limited to browsing and not available in any other apps.

But now with native language support users can use Marathi, Hindi and Tamil languages when composing a message, using email or even when browsing or working with office documents. None of the android handsets available in the Indian market comes with the language support; this makes HTC the first brand to do so.

If you own an HTC smartphone then do look out for an update that will happen over the air. Bengali language support will also be added in August. And now since native language support is possible on Android, we may soon find other brands supporting it.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -