If you give more importance to fitness in your life, you are going to love this gadget. Presenting the Xiaomi Mi Smart weight Scale. Check this Mi Smart Weight scale review to know more about this exciting product and the price.

This is no ordinary weight scale but a smart one, a really smart one. This weight machine can keep track of your weight, BMI, and will save it in the Mi Fit app for your reference – so you can browse through your weight gain or weight loss history.

The Mi Smart Weight Scale makes use of Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with your smartphone and is compatible with iOS and Android platforms. The weight scale is quite accurate and can record weight of different members in a family.

Mi Smart Weight Scale review

Xiaomi MI Smart Weight Scale specifications

Inside the box (Unboxing) : Weight scale, user manual in Chinese
Type : Smart weight Scale
Color / Brand : White / Xiaomi
Bluetooth : Version 4.0
Max weight it can detect : 150 Kgs
Power source : 4 AA batteries

Mi Smart Weight Scale features


The Mi Smart Weight Scale comes in a very good build quality and finishing, there is a tough glass on the top with 16 LED lights that will show you the weight when you step on it. You need 4 x AA batteries.

There are 3 modes inside the battery compartment – check video review, you set it to extreme right for Kg. The next thing is to install Mi fit app and add the Weight Scale. Just follow the process, it’s pretty simple – all you need to do is add device to Mi fit and then stand on the weight scale, that’s it.

Mi Smart Weight Scale Quality

This Mi Smart Weight Scale can calculate BMI and also gives you the category that your weight falls in (under weight, normal, overweight, obese 1, obese 2). You can either run Mi Fit app and stand on the weight machine or just check the weight on the smart scale and then later on start the Mi Fit app to sync the data.

Mi fit will keep record of your weight, now there is an option to record all data, every time you weight or just record the changes. This Mi Smart weight Scale is smart enough to know who the person is, it can keep track of weight record of individual persons in a family.

Mi Smart Weight Scale

The individual should be over 18 years of age and there should be a minimum of 3Kgs weight difference between two individuals for this Mi Weight Scale to consider them as unique.

This weight scale can also measure weight of an infant, for that you need to stand on the weight without infant and then with the infant.


This is really an excellent product, especially for those wanting to lose weight. This smart weight scale will keep track of your weight loss data, without you having to note anything. And the best part is that this Mi Smart Weight Scale can keep weight record of multiple members in a family.

Rating 4.9 out of 5

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in