Xiaomi Mi A1 Special Edition Red unboxing and first impression

The Mi A1 now comes in RED, the Mi A1 Special Edition Red. Here is the unboxing and first impression of this special edition. It was available for Rs. 12,999 few days back and as of now it is priced at Rs. 13,999.

Mi A1 has already been launched, but just few days back the Mi A1 Special Edition Red was made available. This is special edition which means that only limited units will be manufactured. So if you are interested and like this Red color get one as soon as possible.

The Mi A1 Special Edition Red box packing is the same as seen with the older Mi A1 unboxing. The only difference is the Mi A1 in Red. Rest of the box content are the same. In fact the handset specifications are also the same.

Mi A1 Special Edition Red

Special Edition Red looks great, now depends if you like the red color, plus there are two color combination Red and Black. The buttons are red, back is red, logos / text are in black and the front panel is black, rear dual camera module is black. Now this combination gives a pure and unique look to the handset.

Mi A1 Special Edition Red review

Red, its bright red and really catchy, it will easily grab attention. Have a look at the video and see for yourself how the M1 A1 in red looks like.

You can buy this from Mi.com website.

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