Xiaomi launched the AndroidOne smartphone called Mi A1 in India. The company has partnered with Google and launched this smartphone with a attractive price tag of Rs. 14,999. Here is Mi A1 Unboxing and First Impression.

The box packing is a bit different, if you check the video you will know why. Inside the box you will get the handset (Mi A1), user manual, warranty card, data cable USB to USB Type C, travel charger 5V / 2A and SIM ejector Pin.

The Xiaomi Mi A1 is using a Metal body with a very good build and finishing. It is Snapdragon 625 octa core powered. Weight is around 163 grams, comfortable to hold and use. Finger print sensor is on the back not very fast or slow but decent enough.

Xiaomi Mi A1 unboxing

Screen is 5.5 inches, FHD and comes with gorilla glass protection. Screen quality is very good (color reproduction, viewing angles and touch). This is a dual SIM handset a hybrid slot – 2x nano or 1x nano + micro SD. There is 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. Key highlight about the Mi A1 is that it is AndroidOne powered which means the software part is powered by Google.

Xiaomi Mi A1 screen

For now the Mi A1 is running Android Nougat (Android 7) and it will get Android O and then it will also be the first one to get Android P update.

There is a 3080 mAh non-removable battery. Other things to know is that video calling is supported from the dialer, there is LED notification and OTG is supported.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Features

Full review of Xiaomi Mi A1 will be coming soon, in that review I will cover the performance, camera quality and battery life.

Mi A1 will go on sale from 12th September 2017.

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  1. I purchased one but there is no earphone inside. If mi pack the same it should more better.

  2. Have been using miA1 for a week now it’s a excellent piece of hardware.. software has lots of bugs which hopefully will be cleared with future updates.. yes stock androids is pain after coming from miui in Redmi note 3. But A1 is definitely a notch above rest of the stock android phones and way better than Moto g5s. I happened to compare em side by side and mI A1 beats it hands down

    1. Agree with you, I am also using Mi A1, had been using MIUI before and now I would really love to get MIUI on this again, but have started liking pure android. So far no issues with me, loving it, camera is too good.

      1. I’ve also bought this phone a week ago, Can u please tell me how u connect ur phone with laptop for transferring files, photos & videos.

  3. Bought Moto G5S+ and I have been using it for 2 days, its really awesome phone at this price, camera is excellent, marvelous I could use all the praising words, touch is smooth, interface is fast and accurate, no lag, fingerprint is super fast like bullet train, battery is good I charged once and used it for two days, with full time on internet mostly youtube, so battery is superb. Overall, I think it is far better that Mi A1. I am super happy with Moto g5 S+

    1. Can u give detail review of Moto G5S plus. I want to purchase a good camera phone for my wife. Im confused between Mi A1 and G5S Plus.

      1. From the YouTube camera reviews, it seems Mia1 is better for still images from back camera whereas selfies and videos (both front and back camera) are better on g5s+.

  4. gogiji, do check if the handset supports quickcharge..so potential buyers can buy an after-market charger for this mobile.

  5. Hlo gogi sir. I jz wan to say, pls give ur full review as soon as possible nd pls give the ful details abt the camera quality nd includes specially abt the front camera quality. is front camera of miA1 is better than note 3,note 4 or the same. Bcz i didn’t like front camera quality of note 3,4 much. So pls clarify it clearly.. Thx.

  6. Which one is better Redmi note 4 or MI A1? I dont like miui much. will they release stock os for redmi note4 ?

    1. No, they won’t. Stock Android on mia1 is as part of android one program and all other Xiaomi phones will continue to be based on miui.

    1. Even redmi note 3, redmi note 4 had so much poor qualitydisplay, dead/stack pixel, warm/yellowish display , unusable lowest brightness and poor outdoor visibility. now this poor camera setup just gimmicking.

      1. Mate, I had a Redmi note 3 and it’s display is really really good. Either you are lying or you got a defective device.

        1. Lol. I compared display of RN 3,4 with Lenovo z2 plus and i can say Z2 plus has much better display coz no yellow tint and crisp colors. Rn3 has very dull display

          1. @Shrikant
            Don’t have Lenovo z2 plus, so don’t know. The thing is you can compare between any two phones and you may find one display better than the other. I am sure there will be mobiles with better screen than z2 plus, and when you compare z2 plus with such a phone, z2 plus display will be seen washed out and less whiter. So does that then suddenly make the display of z2 plus poor and yellowish??

            Also z2 plus was launched at 20k and it was meant to compete with high-end phones like mi5 and op3. Rn3 was never considered of the same league. It was not enough for z2 plus to have a display comparable to rn3. It was competing in another price bracket and the display had to cater to that segment. The fact that you get it at a very cheap price now does not change the fact that it was launched as a premium phone to compete with other premium phones.

        2. Xiaomi devices having dull display because of tianma display. Search on google then you will find it.

          1. It doesn’t have dull display. And you can adjust color in miui settings if you don’t like colour reproduction.

          2. Hi googled tianma. From miui forums, it seems RN4 display is sourced from multiple parties. One was saying his rn4 had Tianma display and some other was saying his panel was from BOE. Interestingly other vendors too use Tianma, to reduce cost I guess. Since you earlier mentioned z2 plus, I will give you an example from Lenovo’s Zuk brand itself. They also used Tianma panel and that too on their late 2016 flagship zuk edge.

            As a user, the display vendor name doesn’t bother me as long as the screen is good. And it is good for me as well as my cousins and relatives who had bought xiaomi phones. And mind you, all these people have previously used other brand smartphones, have good enough eyesight to distinguish between white and yellow as well as between washed out and vibrant colours, and are not hardcore Xiaomi fans who swear by any crap made by the brand.

      2. Rn3 has one of the best lowest levels of brightness. What do you mean by ‘unusable lowest brightness’??? Dead pixels may be on your phone, but that doesn’t mean it is there on every phone. The display is not at all yellowish. I didn’t have the opportunity to check the sunlight display as I had to return the rn3 due to fingerprint scanner issues, so can’t comment on sunlight visibility part.

      3. It seems Harsh you are just a noob….

        Redmi Note 3 has the best min. Brightness…. It is way too helpul that you never need a 3rd party light filter….

        Even various other mobile users asked me which filter are you using…. I proudly say it’s MI dear we need minimal app installed…. I.e, the only reason why I hate pure android… App locker to spedd meter… Every thing from a 3rd party means advertisement on it’s way…

        And, those who are saying Redmi Note 3 has dull display… What!!!! Are you guys serious….

        It’s good for it’s price bracket….

        It is a sunlight display… So, don’t compare it with Amoled in direct sunlight… It will look washed because it increases contrast to enhance sunlight visibility….

        Better get all facts correct about such a stand out phone for its time….

        Keep your samsung j series amoled with yourselves and hunt for brightness slider when you get outdoor… As lack of sensors is also a issue with low/medium price bracket amoled supported Samsung phones

  7. Gogi, plz tell us just like moto g5s plus occasionally app crashes, is there you found app crashes in mi a1…..Plz reply

    1. Unfortunately I have not done the review of G5s Plus, had asked for review unit they said will send but did not tell the year. I will see if I can get the handset as many are interested in the review.

    1. No does not look like, will need to check if it shows red when low battery, in that case just 2 colors.

    2. This has multicolored Led Notification light. But due to stock android,no setting for change colors. This handset is Mi5X, xiaomi just changed backpanel mentioned android one there and stock android.. u can utilise all led colors by some tweeks. Hope you clear your doubt.

  8. Frankly speaking i like miui more than stock ui… Stock ui look boring in every aspect…
    Is there any news that we will get miui os variant of this awesome phone?

    1. I too hate those solid bars of networks, battery and wifi signals in stock UI.
      I always like separate bars in miui.

    2. Yes you can .. xiaomi released the global ROM for Mi5X. You can use fastboot method or use recovery (CWM or twrp) need root for 2nd method

  9. Both Moto G5s plus and Mi A1 are offering same thing .
    Then y are people are saying moto is better ?
    Moto Fans Will buy G5s plus and Mi lovers can go with Mi A1.

    1. It all boils down to camera. If the camera is similar in both the phones, it makes more sense to buy mia1 since it is an android one phone and you are going to get updates for around 2 years. Moto g5s+ at most would be getting only android Oreo. And Lenovo is pathetic in giving security updates and in any case, it cannot match security updates from an android phone. But yeah if the camera is much better in G5s+, it can be considered.

    2. Moto G5S has 24W turbo charging capability which is plus point in less capacity batteries. Motorola optimisation is always good on Camera . Plus NFC is there(Still IR and compass is missing) .so its good to buy G5S Plus.

      1. Until a few years back, camera department has been considered the weak point of Motorola. Tbh, I don’t think it is right to make a conclusion without a side by side comparison of the cameras of the two phones. Fast charging is a nice feature I agree, but I don’t think NFC is that important in India for the time being. If G5s+ has NFC and fast charging, miA1 has faster updates and sensors like compass and IR blaster. I don’t think it will be a clear cut decision. Depends on what are your priorities.

  10. Camera quality comparison with Moto G5s plus will be interesting. On paper Moto cam is better but the real life performance might tell a different story. But IMHO the phone is overpriced for India. Most MI phones are launched at a price similar to their Chinese counterparts but here while mi 5x sells for just RM 950 in China here they are asking us 1.5 times of that.

    1. Mi5x was launched in China for 1499 RMB which when we convert to Indian rupees on current rate, we get RS.14,713. So where is the price difference?

  11. Moto G5 S plus has better low light camera as it’s using F/2.0 aperture compared to F/2.2 aperture of mi A1.
    also camera sensor used in A1 is manufactured by omnivision and not Sony.

  12. Not what was expected. It’s better to buy Redmi note 4. Moto g5s plus it’s much better. Only for dual camera they are charging so much money.

  13. Gogi bro can you please make a comparison review for Mi A1 and Moto G5s+ specially with:-
    1) Screen quality
    2) In-depth review about cameras
    like low light, depth shots/bokeh effect, colour details etc?

  14. MI Alwyas Missing AMOLED screen, Gogi bro in first impression u r saying that display quality is good but how is the display quality when compared to AMOLED display

  15. Please compare moto G5s plus and xiaomi’s Android one A1
    Coz it is using zoom lenses and moto is using rgb sensor… As dual camera…
    I think A1 camera is better than moto g5s plus but in design term moto g5s is better and both will get future updates and both are running stock Android..
    Both phones come with hybrid slot… And same battery and moto front is better and editing software is better of moto g5s+ and its autofocus is 10time better than this.. And video quality and camera quality of moto g5s is better .. And moto comes with nfc…and a1 have ir blaster.. Just that’s it…

  16. If there’s no fast charging it will be for girls only. Pure Android is the highlight. Quality of camera thing to see..

    1. It looks worth, I am still working on the review. But for now it is really good, not checked the camera though.

      1. Battery capacity of this phone is 3080 mAh. Does it support quick charge 3.0 ? Please tell about this topic in your 2nd part of review.

  17. I am confused between mi a1 and moto g5s plus, which one should I buy?. Please make a comparison video too for these handsets. Whether this handset will be sold by flash sale or normal sale?

  18. Why skimp on Battery capacity.? A 3080mAh Battery can only last till evening, before you have to plug in the Charger. Fast/Dash Charging becomes even more necessary. I hope, it is there.

    1. battery will last more than than other mi devices as it has stock android and sdn 625 proessor which is based on 14 nm techbology so it will b very efficient

    2. It depends on optimization. My nubia phone with same processor and 3000 mah gives me 7 to 9 hrs of screen on time.