Coolpad launched a new handset the Cool Play 6 with dual cameras for a very good price tag. This handset is using Snapdragon 653 octa core processor and another unique thing is the 6GB RAM and of course the price of Rs. 14,999 – worth it? read this review to know more.

The handset looks similar to the Coolpad Cool 1 that was also a very good handset, though there are some design changes and IR sensor is missing on Play 6. Coolpad Cool Play 6 is powerful, does not heat up and the dual cameras on the back does an impressive job.

The 4000 mAh battery gives good battery life. There is one more thing. This Play 6 handset is running Android Nougat (JourneyUI) out of the box and the company at the time of launch had promised that this handset will get Android O (Oreo) update.

Coolpad Cool Play 6 review

Coolpad Cool Play 6 features, specifications

Inside the box (unboxing the Coolpad Cool Play 6) :  Handset, user manual, SIM Tray ejector PIN, data cable (USB to USB Type C) and travel charger 5V/2A
SAR Value : 0.339 W/kg @ 1g head and 0.592 W/kg @1g body
Body : Very good build quality and finishing, using metal body, curvy design comfortable to hold and use
SIM Type : Nano + Nano, there is no micro SD slot
Weight and Dimensions : 175g, 8.4mm
Screen  :  5.5 inches, 1920 1080 pixels resolution, viewing angles, touch response and color reproduction are good. There are black borders on the screen that may look odd for some, it is visible on gold color handset but if you go for black color handset it will not look that bad
Connectivity :  4G, VoLTE (work on both SIM), WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth
Sensors : Accelerometer, Proximity, light, Gyro and magnetic sensors
LED Notification : Yes
OTG : Yes supported
RAM : 6GB (about 4.2GB free on first boot)
ROM : 64GB (about 52GB free on first boot)
OS : Android Nougat 7.1.1 with JourneyUI – will get Android Oreo (Android O) update

Coolpad Cool Play 6 screen

Coolpad Cool Play 6 Performance

CPU :  Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 Octa Core 1.4 GHz
GPU :  Adreno 510 GPU
Heating : Medium
Max Battery Temperature : 36 degrees

Performance is smooth, lag free. There was some issue with the OS, messenger app was crashing but after the OTA update the issue has been fixed (this review was done after the update). Gaming performance is also pretty smooth.

Coolpad Cool Play 6 back panel

Coolpad Cool Play 6  Benchmark

Quadrant : 34029
Antutu :
90016 / 21785
NenaMark3 :  59.5fps (3-7)
Multi Touch : 10 points
Disk Speed :  183 MB/s read  and 159 MB/s write

Coolpad Cool Play 6  Gaming Review

For some reason the Modern Combat 5 game was not showing up when I search for it in Google Play store. I tried Asphalt 8 in high mode it worked buttery smooth. The next game I played was Dead Trigger 2 that also played smoothly and so did Bullet Force game. This handset is powered packed with good RAM, ROM and can play high end games.

Coolpad Cool Play 6  Camera  Review

Rear Camera : 13MP + 13MP, auto focus, dual LED flash
Front Camera : 8MP
Video Recording : 4K resolution

The camera on the Coolpad Cool Play 6 is as good as seen on the Coolpad Cool 1 handset. The dual camera mode does an excellent job. There is pro mode for manual control. Night shots turn out great better use a tripod. Front camera also does a good job. The handset can shoot in mono and record 4K videos. Camera quality is excellent.

Camera Rating : 4.3 out of 5

Coolpad Cool Play 6 dual cameras on back

Coolpad Cool Play 6 camera samples

CoolPad Cool Play 6 camera sample boat CoolPad Cool Play 6 camera sample bird dual camera mode CoolPad Cool Play 6 camera sample hydrant normal mode CoolPad Cool Play 6 camera sample hydrant dual camera CoolPad Cool Play 6 camera sample tree CoolPad Cool Play 6 camera sample long shot CoolPad Cool Play 6 camera sample night in mono mode CoolPad Cool Play 6 camera sample night in auto CoolPad Cool Play 6 camera sample night in manual CoolPad Cool Play 6 camera sample selfie

Download Original Image files (right click and save) (do not use it for commercial purpose, without permission of

Other features

Finger print sensor on the back is decently fast and accurate. Sound is loud and clear. I did not find any issues with Jio SIM / Networks. VoLTE is supported and in phone dialer there is video calling option too.

Coolpad Cool Play 6  Battery Review

Battery capacity : 4000 mAh (non-removable)
Charging Time : Charge – 2 hours 50 minutes using the charger provided
Battery Life : 5 to 8 hours non-stop (moderate to heavy)
Daily usage battery life : One to One and a Half days of mixed usage

Battery Test Results

Battery Temp at idle : 29 degrees
Running Benchmark app :
 16 minutes / 5% / 36 degrees
Asphalt 8  game play : 25 minutes / 7% / 36 degrees
4K video playback with full brightness (WiFi /4G on) :  21 minutes / 4% / 34 degrees


Another very good handset from Coolpad, you can call this an upgraded version of the Cool 1. Everything is good about this handset and so is the price. There are black borders on screen if you do not like them then go for the black color Coolpad Cool Play 6. A very good option to buy, may be you would want to wait for few more days before deciding.

Rating : 4.3 out of 5

Coolpad Cool Play 6  price in India is Rs. 14,999 sale begins from 4th September.

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. Before buying assure that there’s technical support available. My Coolpad lying in service centre since last 6 months.

    1. no it wont :), but coolpad cool1 dual can support fast charging and wifi AC protocol , while this two features this phone doesn’t support 🙁

  2. Gogi ji aapne bola tha ki black colour ka bhi milega par black colour to available hi nai hai. Black milega ki nahi..

  3. Gogi
    same camera quality to cool 1.
    Nominal update in soc and ram.
    Same Battery .
    Same design.
    Lacks ir sensor.
    8999 cool 1
    14999 this one
    6000 price difference.

    Is it wise to buy it at 15k.
    Pls tell me.

    1. More powerful, IR if you use, 6GB/64GB, Nougat and will get Oreo. If these do not matter then go for older Cool 1.

  4. Dear Gogi Sir,

    It has screen protection like Corning gorilla glass or not? Bcoz on Teaser not showing but they said on fb that cgg is in phone.please clarify.and Reply


  5. They should get rid of those THICK black lines around the display. A really big turn off for me.

  6. Good phone with garbage design. Looks like a dabba phone with those bezels. Come on Coolpad we are in 2017 and not 2014.

  7. How is the ram management with this new UI.
    We all know Eui was awesome. But this needs to prove yet.

    1. I used le1s for 1 year. EUI is awesome and fast for the whole time. Only problem was Le didn’t update it forever and service centers were worst so I sold it. But it’s touch charging calls speed all were very good for daily use. Battery is strict 1 day for moderate user and camera is poor.

  8. Gogi Ji, can you confirm if this has Double tap to wake and other gestures? I look for this because the fingerprint is in the back and this feature will be very handy without to access lifting the phone..

  9. Guys for your info – The limit for the battery temp is around 60°C and for CPU it’s around 100°C, smartphone will usually reboot after that in case of CPU and in case of battery temp it may reboot or in worse case explode.

      1. 48 degrees battery temp you can hold but you will feel the heat, it is not like you will want to drop the phone, but yes you would want to stop using the phone. I have experienced this in few phones about couple of years back now a days I have not seen any phone reaching over 46 degree temp, most are well under 44 / 45.

  10. Cool phone but I would wait for the Mi dual camera launch, see what they price it. I have kept this in mind but if the Mi phone is better / better priced then will go with that.

    1. And mi phones too have better resale value than coolpad.
      But this one has got an excellent hardware and camera.
      I think,
      Mi dual cam may comes with sd630.

  11. SD 653 is supporting Fast charging , but in Coolpad 1 we can not use fast charger .
    Is this problem also in new Coolpad 6gb ram model ?

  12. SAR value impressive
    6gb ram great

    Other specs good.

    My cool1 glass was fragile broke easily.
    Hope this has better one.

    And not able to find double tap to wakeup on cool1.
    Hope this can.

  13. Is this better than lenovo k8 note.
    I’m not heavy gamer and i just need better music and performance with good camera. Which should i buy? This or lenovo k8 note?

  14. Dear Sir,

    It has screen protection like Corning gorilla glass or not? Bcoz on Teaser not showing but they said on fb that cgg is in phone.please clarify.


  15. Coolpad is extremely unreliable.
    After using 3 Coolpad Dazen 1 phones for myself and within extended family, all 3 having issues and 1 is totally dead after repairing 5 times. Earlier ROM was replaced. Now even that is not working. Service centre says nothing possible now.
    One more important thing, these phones were bought with Android Kit Kat. Since purchase no software updates in last 2 years.
    If you want peaceful long term reliable ownership, I won’t recommend Coolpad. My 3 year old Asus Zenfone 5 still running excellently. But all 3 Coolpad phones started giving troubles within 1 year.

    1. Yes dude.. I have been using coolpad note 3 lite and asus zenfone 2 laser from 18 months. Lot of issues with coolpad but asus was excellent.

      1. Yea, I too had bad experience with Coolpad Cool 1 as it’s front glass broke easily without any hard hitting on any object but My Asus Zenfone 3 is running like a charm inspite of falling hard on cemented foor and on road several times, nothing happens till date .. So quality of Coolpad phone (specially Cool 1) is very bad and we cannot reliy on it. Asus has great quality and my Asus Zenfone 3 is running on Android Nought as on date. Also I am receiving timely update on it.

    1. There was minor OS issue and I waited for the update to fix that, and after that I did the review. Also I did not find any heating issues.

      1. battery temperature is not so important as overall chipset temperature.battery can be replaced at low cost,but if chipset/ motherboard gets hot constantly over 45 degrees then phone can die prematuarly. replacing the chipset can cost 1/3rd of total total handset cost.

        1. The limit for the battery temp is around 60°C and for CPU it’s around 100°C, for your info.

          1. You are right gogi, these so called other tech reviewers have limited knowledge and they just confuse users.

  16. Best phone in the range for people who dont mind the ugly bazels (which is a turn off for me). 🙂

  17. No updates to coolpad cool 1 tell sir then how can we think u give updates please provide the updates at least now all coustmer are waiting all company has been given updates but you now till but you give updates soon to China not other countries why if it is made for China don’t sale other countries please

    1. Let him try guys how will he learn unless he tries. If you don’t like just ignore, why to embarrass him. Everyone may not be as blessed as you.

    1. They are likely to bring 4gb Ram model in few months….but it may affect sales of coolpad cool 1 which is their own company.

      1. Cool1 4gb ram is available for 10899 and the difference between cool6 and cool1 is minimal. New 4GB version of cool6 will not do well unless aggressively priced.

  18. Thanks sir main kafi din se iske review ka wait kar rha tha. 15000 RS me ye phone best hai

  19. Hi gogi, can you add another row for screenprotection like you bolded the ram, rom part.

    also dont you think all metal bodies are tend to slippary?

  20. Sir jab phone lunch hua tha Dubai me tab Apne bola tha ki iska antutu benchmark 53000 ke ass pass hoga par isme to 90000 aaya hai

    1. I had updated that, I got the details from a international store that was selling Cool Play 6. Now when I did the review it was around 90,000.

  21. Really waiting for your review sir ji.
    Excellent work.
    Also First view & Comment 😉
    Waiting for Mi 5x