The XOLO Q900 is another 1.2GHz quad core powered handset with a smaller screen of 4.7 inches with HD resolution. It is with the same hardware that we have seen on lava Iris 504q and the Micromax canvas A116 HD.

Q900 Box Pack
Inside the box you will find the handset, screen guard, 1800 mAh battery, travel charger, data cable, warranty statement, user guide and unique earphone.

XOLO Q900 review
As mentioned it’s with MT6589 quad core MediaTek processor clocked at 1.2GHz with PowerVR SGX 544 MP GPU. It is a dual SIM handset running Android 4.2.

Design: The XOLO Q900 looks beautiful thanks to the glossy white finish and the silver lining that surrounding the front screen. The build quality is very good that gives a premium look. The handset weight is 156 grams with battery, thickness is 10.16mm, breadth is 70.46mm and length is 137.34mm.

xolo q900 box pack

Display: The 4.7 inch TFT screen is not scratch resistant and hence a screen guard is included in the box. Screen resolution is 1280×720 pixels and viewing angles are good. There is accelerometer, light, proximity, orientation and magnetic sensors.

The dot matrix is easily visible on the handset. If you tilt the handset a little bit in switched off mode you can see many dots (matrix). This is normal – this on screen dot matrix was reported on many other handsets. The dots are also visible when you are viewing the screen with a white background – it looks like dust particles.

xolo q900 unboxing and review

Memory/Storage: There is 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage. Of the 4GB storage 1.80GB is allocated as phone storage and 0.98GB as storage for apps. Of the 1GB RAM, 584MB is available (on the first boot after Unboxing). There is micro SD card slot that supports 32GB storage. Most of the apps / games can be installed on the external storage. OTG is not supported.

Performance and Benchmark: Most of you are aware of the MT6589 performance, let’s check the benchmark scores.

  • Quadrant Standard – 4809.
  • AnTuTu – 13424.
  • Vellamo – HTML5 1516, Metal 447.
  • Nenamark 2 – 44.3 fps
  • Multi touch : 5 points.

xolo q900 review

Camera and Entertainment: The Q900 comes with 8MP rear camera with flash. The camera quality is pretty good. It can record 1080p videos. There is front camera too of 2MP resolution. The handset can play full HD videos.

8MP AF camera on q900

Gaming: I played the Asphalt 8 and MC4. Both these games got installed on the external storage. The game play was smooth. (check the game play video).

Others: Sound is loud and clear. 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi worked without any issues. You should be able to get the GPS lock within 30 seconds.

Battery: The 1800 mAh battery gives talk time of up to 10 hours this is what the company claims. I used the handset for about 31 minutes (for download and ran the entire benchmark test) the battery dropped by 13% and temperature increased from 34 to 44 degree. I played some games for about 13 minutes – the battery dropped by 6%.

Verdict: The 1.2GHz quad core XOLO Q900 with a 4.7 inch HD screen running Android 4.2 with 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM is available for under Rs. 12,200.  There are many handsets available with 1.2GHz MT6589 chipset. In all it comes down to the price and looks. It is a better option than the recently launched XOLO Q800 X-Edition.

Image Gallery

Sample images shot using Q900

XOLO Q900 unboxing and review

Asphalt 8 and MC4 game play on Q900

1080p video shot using Q900

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  1. I would suggest don’t buy any xolo phone..hardware quality is not good. And if u go for doa exchange they will not give u the same set. They will give u a lower model.

  2. Bought this set but not at all satisfied. The volume.controls and sensor was not working. The response from the company is not good. Horrible response fron the service centers. Ek baar agar koi xolo ka set wahan diya to 1.5 mahine k liye bhool.jao. Jab fone vapas mila to usme dust aa gai saala firse 20 din k liye le liye….and vapas milne k within days mein sensor dubara kharab

  3. CONS :

    – Little bit disappointed because of DOT Matrix is easily visible as GOGI has mentioned. (Not too bad)

    – I have to keep this device in Charging

    – It doesn’t produce good sound when playing music via handsfree (my previous xolo a700 was better than this).

  4. Mr.Gogi….. sir im planning to buy Xolo Q900…
    i liked its features n also i saw ur reviews n video reviews on it… It seems gud..
    Is this the best phone in that range?? r is der any better than that???
    plz let me kw as soon as possible…

    waiting for ur response!!!!! 🙁

  5. Gogi, will USB ON THE GO work if you supply 5v to it using USB OTG Y cable if it’s the problem of lack of power supply ? I think you should buy that kinda cable too to check if it works with external power supply when OTG cable alone doesn’t work.

  6. Hi Gogi,

    I have ordered this phone online (Indiatimes shopping) and waiting for the delivery.

    After ordering this phone I searched on Google about the difference between TFT and IPS touch screen. And came to know that IPS is better than TFT LCD.

    What’s your opinion on this. Have you find any visible difference between TFT and IPS touch screen.


  7. Gogi, Is Orientation sensor same like Gyro or alternative for Gyro ? Or another name for Gyro ? Xolo talks about only Light, Proximity,Accelerometer and Magnetic sensors.

  8. My dream phone specs

    4.3 in IPS, 720p screen, 8.00mm thick, <=110g, 2600mah battery, 2GB ram, 8GB ROM, SD support till 64GB, 1.5 Ghz quadcore MTK turbo or S4 processor. 13mp rear with dual led flash, 2mp front cameras, DTS sound, Android kitkat ,price 17K-22K.

    1. Go for Gionee for that specs you will get it hopefully around 18k

  9. Gogi, Does it support WiFi tithering ? Heard it doesn’t. In switched off mode, you’ve to tillt it to see the dots matrix. But I would like to know if it’s visible when switched on with white background without tilting ? It is visible only at some angles ? By the way, I ordered for Q800 x the older version. But I like this HD screen. So should I go for it ? What I liked about Q800 is developer support with loadsa custom ROMs.

  10. gogi in ur video..asphalt8 clearly shows lots of lag…try to change video quality setting to medium or low…then it will smoth

  11. How much RAM is available for this phone???

    Is there any phone with same feature that can give available RAM more than 800mb…???

      1. Hi, Mr. Sanjay

        Yes that’s right, but I’m using Samsung Galaxy S Advance since 2 yrs, in this device 768mb of RAM (available 625MB). I found in 1GB device nowadays there r hard to go up to 500mb.

        so I’m confused…

        1. You are confused.
          S Advance has 768MB RAM , out of which 625MB is usable, out of which , around 200-250 MB is usually free.

          These 1GB ones have around 950MB usable, out of which 500-600 MB is free RAM.

          1. Really….?????
            950Mb usable, i cant believe….!!!!!

            Because Galaxy S3 (exynos) has 1 Gb can give 750Mb…

            these device is surly give 950MB….I cant believe it,,,,,

          2. My Xperia Ion has 1GB RAM of which around 650 MB is usable and generally 300 to 250 MB.

            RAM breakup
            350MB churned by Android OS.
            350MB by various background apps.
            300MB free.

  12. I have bought karbonn a99 this diwali @5570 I think it is the best phone at this price its short review
    Antutu score -11147

    Nenamark score-41.3
    Touch input – 2 point touch
    Apps can be installed to ext SD

    The only dissapointment is camera but it i s better then xolo a500s

  13. gogi sir why dont these quad core phones come with 4 inch display…
    i dint find any quad core with inch display…
    is it because of mtk processor

  14. packing is a lot like apple. the USB chord is almost identical to Samsung. The ear buds is a copy of nokia lumia phones. Icon’s also from samsung touchwiz. look’s a lot like a konka phone. I hardly see any originality in this phone.

    1. Yes, hope that will reduce the manufacturing cost and also boost up after sales support as spare parts will be readily available.

      1. Ya, Micromax assembling unit will start its operation in Rudrapur, Uttrakhand and 400 people will get work over there. Good news for us. At least one Indian company has showns such guts. Hatts Off Micromax…. Now it will surely no.1 in India in terms of sales and after sale service. Price will surely come down.

        1. What about Lava, Xolo? I heard that they have also rnd lab in India and they also manufactured their brand in India. Is this true?

        2. even karbonn is also doing the same
          it was first announced by karbonn only
          they have plant in chennai

  15. I’m using Xperia l since July n it hasnt hanged till now! Its able to play nova 3 at 40-50 fps! asphalt 8 at 30-37 fps! (high) .Dead trigger 2 (high) 50-55 fps.Before buying It I had a doubt about its processor n gpu….But it hasnt disappointed me….truely awsome! I have used Mx Canvas Hd of my friend and his fone hangs a lot! Bdw I’m rooted….n I installed fps meter to know the fps in games. 😀

    1. Due to low resolution and 1gb ram Chetan…. the games r flawless in Xperia L even I m using Xperia ZL and every game and multitasking works without any lag inspite it is FHD but have 2gb Ram 🙂

  16. What’s the need of dot matrix, is it just like pixels ? Annoying ? Is it happens because of a different kinda display manufacturing ?

    1. I guess its sensor points. It was also noticed on Apple iphone and some more phones. I have seen it on some handsets but its not easily visible. You can ignore it but for some it could be annoying.

    if your budget is 10000-15000 guys buy Sony xperia M or L..
    Sony is SONY… If we put Micromax Canvas 4 or Turbo along with SONY or SAMSUNG. People will of course look at Sony or Samsung.
    Use Big Brands guys bcoz even now they r manufacturing cost effective phones.
    wat say gogi?? nd tell us *which mobile you use?*

    1. Akash, I have used Micromax A110 then got the Micromax A116 and was disappointed by Micromax canvas 4 price and hence got the note 2. Another reason for going for note 2 was the stylus, it is very useful for my work, I can easily edit when on the move. If MMX A117 had been launched instead of the canvas 4 I would have been using the A117.

    2. I have a Sony Xperia Ray. Don’t laugh – it was the in thing at some point of time! Its camera outer lens is scratched since it is almost at the same surface level as the back cover. All the authorised service centres at Chennai say the spare is not available since it is an old mobile. How old is old?

      So big brand or small one, you can get service or spares only for one year max. If you have spare bucks, change mobile every year!


      1. yes, agree that any mobile you buy now becomes outdated in 1 year, and non useable in 2 yrs, so best is to buy 10-15k phones intead of high price ones, You can play games on x-box. use the phone as a phone and camera and email-net only. right now value phones are canvas 4 (around15k), samsumg i-core around 12k, lumia520 at 8k.

  18. Hello Gogi Sir,
    Any idea when will Xolo LT900 get released? Waiting for it 🙂
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vk Jois

  19. In storage section you have mentioned 180 gb as phone storage and 98 GB app storage……..!

    1. the benchmark scores are infact better than lava iris 504q and price is also less, bt why is the rating less compared to it 504q?

      1. 504Q has all the sensors…(light,proximity,magnetic,accelerometer and GYRO!) and supports OTG…5″HD with thin bezels…

  20. I am using q800 know I want to buy q900, as your opinion battery back up good or not please advice.

    1. Buy lava iris 504q it is a better option it has a five 5 Inc display which is super a good battery backup
      and it is available in 12500 In the market