Karbonn Mobiles website is now showing up the new Karbonn Titanium X android handset. Titanium X probably comes loaded with the  MT6589T MediaTek quad core chipset (though we are not sure yet). The price details are not yet disclosed.

Many of the mobile manufactures have launched handsets with 1.5GHz MT6589T chipset. Micromax recently launched the Magnus A117 and the Turbo 250. The Karbonn Titanium X is listed on the Karbonn official website; the product page however has not yet been created. We do not know the price but some of the specifications are clearly mentioned on the graphics.

The specs is similar but interestingly there is a mention of NFC support. The handset is 5 inches supporting 1920×1080 pixels resolution. It runs on Android 4.2 with possibly 1GB RAM. The RAM and the internal storage details are not known.

Karbonn Titanium X 1.5Ghz quad core

Karbonn Titanium X specifications

There is a 13MP rear auto focus camera with dual LED flash and front camera of 5MP resolution. Battery is 2300 mAh capacity. We will have to wait until the handset specifications shows up along with the price, so stay tuned.

 Thank you for the tip Ankit Jain.

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  1. Hi
    I want to ask u which mobile is the best between karbonn titanium s5,s5
    + or titanium s2.

    rly me soon a’m wating for your answer

    1. No NFC is supported for mediateck chip set, I am using this devise (karbonn titanium x).

  2. i think snapdragon quads can handle these fhd handsets better than mediatek quads..
    what do you say Gogi???

  3. gogi.is there otg support on nexus 5?pls reply,reports r saying though log files r saying yes,but xda developers r saying u require total commander and usb plugin to use otg,r that plugin safe to use?

  4. hi gogi,
    by now it is clear that mkt6589t can not handle the FHD resolution, then why all company behind FHD …with mkt6589t chip set. its no use as after few days of use its shows lagg in normal games and day to day operations.


    1. It does support FHD, when playing games the there is minor frame drop, but its playable (depend on how the OS is tweaked).

  5. look wise, it seems better than micromax 117 and turbo. similar to nexus 5 design. battery and 1gb ram are not good enough for a fhd display.

  6. Gogi is there any Application in the Play Store which can show the frequency of my GPU….? Please help me..Waiting for your reply.

    1. None that I know. You will need to compare benchmarks on other phones, check the max video (resolution) that the handset can play and get a fair idea.

      1. Thanks Gogi. Ive Benchmarked My Phone and the results are as Follows…
        Antutu- 13700
        Benchmark Pi-391
        Linpack- 92.878(Multi)
        Nenamark 2- 47.0 FPS

        Hardware -MT6589
        GPU-PowerVR SGX544MP

          1. Hello Gogi Sir,
            I have a small question regarding this MT6589T chipset!
            If a stock Android, like in Nexus 4 & 5 , is used on a phone with this chipset, will frame drops cease? Does this depend on Android customizations that manufacturers load their phones with?

          2. It depends on manufacturer to manufacturer they may or many not customize the OS. Tweaking the OS does improve the performance a little bit and at can also have an opposite effect if not done properly.

    2. I am using “Device Info Live Wallpaper” from the Playstore. It can display the current frequency along with many other statistics.

      Because it is a wallpaper, it cannot show this data on top of running applications; only when you are viewing the desktop.

      Perhaps it can be of some use.

  7. Gogi ji can you please review Huawei Ascend G700 , apart from all the features of budget smartphone it standout because it has 2 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM with 5 inch HD display and a decent battery at 2200 mAH and is competitively priced at 16000 Rs.Huawei may not be a big brand name in India but it ranks third in china and selling phones all over the world.Gogi ji i am eagerly waiting for your response

  8. All major chinese brands 1.5cpu,2gb ram,32 rom, full hd, 300 mah, 13mp cam cost less then 280 $ equals 17 k in indian rupees. now they are busy in production of 8 core mobiles. Here they dump and clear inventory via indian mobiles Aka re brand phones. Anyways we cant get these spec mobiles under 18k around 2 months.

  9. Omg! if It Has Priced at 15K then it will be a Dhoom Machle Smartphone bacese even it has Full HD Screen and + point is NFC even 20K phone Dont have it

    1. Shashank the screen is with HD resolution. NFC is something interesting, but hardly any one using it.

      1. but they said it is Full HD Display! How can we Use NFC because Most Of Indian Company Dont have this Option in their Smartphone Company Like Sony and Nokia are the one who use it quite more than anybody else, NFC is really a easy way of sharing and most of them dont know about it beacuse they have not seen it in their phone! Well Atleast try Them it really give new flavor to smartphone users! Atleast when they try they will no it more deeper!

  10. Hi gogi! Three Cheers for your wonderful smartphone reviews,which keep all of us well informed about changing trends. I have always been a big fan of yours.
    For quite some time, I have been in search of a great value for money,moreover,a goodlooking smartphone upto a range of 30000,from a well known brand,which will give a painfree experience for years to come.
    I had even shortlisted a few viz…
    1)LG optimus G pro E988 for 27500
    2)Samsung Note 2 for 27500
    3)Xperia Z for 29500
    I had nearly finalised LG G pro,but was little sceptical,as,though it has FHD screen,but no S-pen like note 2! Note 2 though has S-pen, but with HD resolution! Xperia Z has attractive design, water/damage proof protection,though failed when it came to viewing angles and battery backup!
    I could have even waited for Nexus 5, but came on backfoot after reading reviews of it mentioning POOR camera, battery backup,and NO expandable storage!
    G2 , S4, HTC ONE, Iphone5 are beyond my budget.
    AND after all, I am not very keen on few players like MMX,GIONEE,LAVA,XOLO,KARBONN etc.,thinking they might come good for few months,but what about long run!
    Just to mention,I have a LAVA IRIS 501,which though works good,but lacks that very FEELING of premiumness! It even had few issues on and off like capacitive buttons sometimes just refusing to work etc.
    I also have a good old galaxy ACE S5830,which though slow like a tortoise,never gave any HARDWARE problems even after a good three & half years!
    So , which one do you suggest as best value for money bet for me for below 30K? All comments are welcome!
    Looking forward for some helpful reply 🙂

    1. Hi, its between the S-Pen or without it. I got the note 2 for the S-Pen as its easier for me to work on the move. HD screen is also more than sufficient unless you have some specific need.

      1. Go for Note 2. Excellent display. S pen is awsm..and also you’ll get better Support than LG or Sony. Xperia Z is not much cool. Display looks dull in Compared to G2 and Note 2 is a different league as this Phone Comes With Amoled Display.

          1. If i were you, i would go for Optimus G pro. I have tested both phones and excluding S-Pen which gives does provide some novel features, G Pro blows it out of water in almost everything. It is also a better looking one of two. You were talking about premiumness and believe me, against G Pro, Note 2 looks cheaper. So both are good but money involved and i’m into LG. Test it. It is super awesome.

    2. Hi Ateeque.
      Just want to share one thing with u,I have seen in cell guru’s one episode that LG Optimus G Pro is the fastest responsing handset ever he(anchor) had handled ever.Also rewarded the best handset in the budget of 30-35k.(At that time it was costing some where around 32.5k)

  11. interesting device
    may this device doesn’t perform well because of 1080p display which are in many devices like canvas turbo,elife e6.

  12. hi gogi,

    Looks nice, hope it comes with quality camera..

    I have small question for you, why these rebranded companies does not put their logo on front panel of their devices. At least companies like Gionee who does not make re branded phones should add their logo on front. I feel that adds trust on brand

    1. That will make the re-branding process costlier .A singe device from an OEM is re-branded by many companies ,and it is easy to change the back panel for them.

    2. and every time we look at the phone, it will remind you that you cant afford to buy samsung, song, nokia, apple, lg etc etc etc of the same specs. Can anyone give the cheapest samsung model in which auto call record of both sides can be done with additional apps. Thanks in advance.

      1. And when you get one of those stupid sammy phones, it will remind you of the day when you dropped the idea of getting a budget phone and went for the underpowered, full of problems crap.

        You can go for a Nokia, Sony or a Nexus anyday, but Samsung? Their phones are as shit as their service centers.

        BTW, wats song? Sony changed their name or what?

    1. Agree, 720P is actually enough. FHD screen on mediatek devices should be avoided. Gaming takes a big hit.

  13. gogi sir leave this one…………….HUAWEI HAS LAUNCHED ASCEND G700 WITH 2 GB RAM for just rs 16,349 rs…………..awesome!!!!!….just check in flipkart

  14. Another quad core joining soon.this year will end with quad core mobiles year.people gets confused which is best