OnePlus 3T vs Coolpad Cool 1 vs Honor 6x camera comparison

Are the dual camera smartphones better than single camera smartphones, this article will give you a better idea. Here is the camera comparison between the OnePlus 3T, Coolpad Cool 1 and the Honor 6X in specific situation.

I have already done a comparison between the Coolpad Cool 1 and the Honor 6X. I am not going to compare these 3 handsets, each of these handsets are very good considering their specifications with their respective price tags. I am just going to compare the camera quality.

For the test I shot the same subject from the same distance. My focus point is on the tree that is just about off-center. These images were shot from same distance; the time was between 4:25 to 4:45 PM, that is when the sun starts to set.

OnePlus 3T camera performance

Shot with OnePlus 3T (camera comparison)

As you can see from the above image the OnePlus 3T shot is perfect, though I tried to focus the tree, the background is pretty sharp. No complains because OnePlus 3T is using single camera. But in general the shots from OnePlus 3T are much better.

Coolpad Cool 1 camera performance

Shot with Coolpad Cool 1 (camera comparison)

The same tree from the same distance is much more focused, the background is blurred, nice bokeh effect, surprisingly shot from the same distance. You can clearly see the difference between OnePlus 3T and the Cool 1 shot. Also note I used wide aperture mode on the Cool 1, making use of both the camera for this excellent shot – something OP3T cannot do because of lack of dual cameras.

Honor 6X camera performance

Shot with Honor 6x (camera comparison)

I shot the same subject from the same distance using Honor 6X with wide aperture mode using dual cameras on the back. The shot was good but if you check the colors comparing it with OnePlus 3T and the Coolpad Cool 1, the output on the Honor 6x is washed out. 6X camera needs improvement otherwise bokeh effect is pretty good.

Dual cameras smartphone vs Single camera smartphone

So with these 3 sample images I am sure you get a better idea on how the dual cameras perform. Coolpad Cool 1 definitely looks much better with bokeh effect.

OnePlus 3T vs Coolpad Cool 1 vs Honor 6x dual camera vs single camera


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Long shot sample (normal mode)

Oneplus 3T Long shot
Oneplus 3T Long shot


Coolpad Cool 1 long shot
Coolpad Cool 1 long shot


Honor 6X  long shot
Honor 6X long shot

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