Here is the camera comparison among the Honor 6X and the Coolpad Cool 1. Now both these handsets come with dual primary cameras and support wide aperture mode. There is a price difference – Honor 6X price starts from Rs. 12,999 and the Cool 1 is priced at Rs. 13,999 – so which is the best one?

Honor 6X vs Coolpad Cool 1 feature comparison

The hardware is different Cool 1 is snapdragon 652 powered, packed with 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 5.5 inch FHD screen, finger print sensor, IR baster and 4000 mAh battery. Check Coolpad Cool 1 review.

Honor 6X is Kirin 655 octa core powered packed with optional 3GB/4GB RAM, optional 32GB/64GB storage, 5.5 inch 2.5D FHD screen, finger print sensor and this handset houses a 3340 mAh battery.  Check Honor 6X review.

Both handsets are running Marshmallow with their respective UI’s.

Design wise the Honor 6X is more curvier, easier to handle and slimmer. Cool 1 is kind of bulky when compared with 6X.

Honor 6X versus the Coolpad Cool 1

Honor 6X vs Coolpad Cool 1 camera quality

Honor 6X comes with dual cameras on back – a 12MP + a 2MP. Cool 1 comes with 13MP + 13MP dual cameras on the back. Another thing to notice is that the Cool 1 handset gives you option to choose the aspect ratio i.e. 4: 3 or 16:9 when using wide aperture mode, there is no such option on the 6X.

Honor 6X processing in wide aperture mode is amazingly fast, almost instant, whereas on the Cool 1 handset it takes some time processing images when you hit the click button.

Both handsets captures really great images, I shot the same subject using the 6X and the Cool 1 and here are the results.

shot with Honor 6X long shot
Above image shot with Honor 6X long shot


shot with Cool 1 long shot
shot with Cool 1 long shot


shot with Honor 6X branch wide aperture mode
shot with Honor 6X branch wide aperture mode


shot with Cool 1 branch in wide aperture mode
shot with Cool 1 branch in wide aperture mode


shot with Honor 6X tree using Wide Aperture mode
shot with Honor 6X tree using Wide Aperture mode


shot with Cool 1 tree in wide aperture mode
shot with Cool 1 tree in wide aperture mode

Download Original Image files (right click and save) (do not use it for commercial purpose, without permission of

As you can see the images captured by Cool 1 looks much better, especially the tree shot. Honor 6X colors are washed out. For those who understand photography – these were shot between 4:25 PM to 4:35 PM.

Which one is better the Cool 1 or the Honor 6X

For now the Cool 1 shoots much better, however both the handsets are capable and can deliver impressive shots. A software tweak is all that is needed to improve the Honor 6X camera performance.

Coolpad Cool 1 is available for Rs. 13,999.
Honor 6X price starts from Rs. 12,999.

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  1. Hi gogi sir, in rn4 vs cool 1 vs honor 6x vs le2 which is best for gaming as heating issues, performance & after sale services as i mainly use mobile for gaming and multimedia so plz suggest me which one to buy or any other mobile in this price range

    1. Buy all of the above phones and compare at your own… Hadd hai yaar….. BTW honor 6 x is better in all aspect… Better brand, better hardware, software and better after sale support….

  2. Want to know which has better camera UI and also want to know which one is better In auto mode and which has better front camera?? NDTV GADGETS MENTIONS HONOR 6X DUAL REAR CAMERA IS JUST GIMMICK… YOUR VIEWS ON THIS

  3. Hi, camera on cool 1 might be better, but honor 6x might be better over all In build quilty, soctware update, available exapandable memory (even though hybrid) and most imp price just 11700 or 12000 (after SBI discount, if they provide complete 10%)

    1. Yes, cool1 should retail at 11999 after the entry of honor 6X, else their sales number will get affected.

  4. Gogi, Can you please tell me if MI Max Prime is still in the race as internal memory is 4 times of 32 GB, also MIUI is better known for it’s highest customization (and RN4 is now out of the race) and considering if someone is ok with the size of MI Max Prime and wants all features of MIUI and MI Max Prime is again in stock now. Surprisingly Xiaomi is going in the same way as I told in the comment of RN4 release blog, we seen Hugo has exited too.

  5. I really feel like Coolpad images have yellowish tint and Honor images shows real colors. Guys – Please provide your inputs

    1. Yellowish maybe due to the evening sun light. Even the OnePlus 3T which also produces the pics with yellow tint in the latest comparison too which I think is the natural color of that evening sun light. Honor 6X produces white & washed out pics. And white balancing settings is useful for adding different tints to different lighting conditions.

  6. Well, some more photos incl night shots would make this review the best. Please add if u can, thanks.

      1. Then what is point of comparison post if night shots are to be checked in individual reviews and only daylight photos are here. Even daylight photos are in individual reviews, this blog post should have simply said that refer individual reviews for pic comparison. LOL

        1. This post is specific, and someone who understand photography will not be asking this question.

  7. Hello Gogi Sir,
    Since Moto G4 Plus was camera king last year in the budget category of 12-15k. And Coolpad Cool1 Dual appears to be the camera king this year for the same budget. Would you do a comparison between Coolpad cool1 Dual with Moto G4 Plus camera review?

  8. Clearly cool 1 is the winner. And I own one 🙂 . I bought it after seeing gogi bhai’s review.

  9. Cool1 pics seems clear and sharp. Thanks gogi, you gave the correct order/suggestion without confusing us…

  10. Cool 1 pics seems better. But pics are yellowish compared to honor 6X. Is it due to evening sun light ?

      1. But even if you look at the sky in the long shot, cool 1 has completely over exposed it, whereas 6x has produced much better color and details.

        1. Abhishek, I do agree with you. Honor 6x pics are having better quality if u consider various parameters.

        2. Compare it side by side. And as gogi sir said, honor 6x photos seems to be washed out. And moreover cool 1 uses dual 13mp cameras, whereas honor 6x uses one 12 mp and another 2mp

          1. @Tiktak
            Perhaps u dont know that dual cams in both phones works in different way. Their principles of working are totally different. So u cant overestimate Cool1 due to 13+13 combination. Honor’s 12+2 can be better than that. And for your info, pixel size is 25% greater in Honor6x. Hope u know what it means practically.

          2. Blah blah blah. So why dont you explain me how does the camera of both smartphones actually work? Anyway compare it side by side. And you too know the winner is cool 1.

  11. Cool 1 pics look over saturated, has a yellow tinge. 6x has better picture quality with life like color reproduction. 6x is better in my opinion.

    1. Agreed.

      Gogi Sir, If you click for both mobile at the same location, angle and same time then it will be easy to compare. From your shoots honor 6x has shows more natural colour. Both mobile shoots blur bay-ground but honou 6x has much better focus & bay-ground pic. then cool 1.

  12. Hey Gogi, Can u pls give an idea that which of these would the best phone overall whether to go for RN4 RN4 or Cool 1 dual or 6X or Moto G4 plus, pls I am in a hurry to buy a phone in this range pls tell me the the which is the best among all overall in thos price range . Thank-you

    1. Go with Cool 1 it is the best, next best honor 6x and then G4 plus. Cool 1 and 6X for the bokeh effects.

      1. This is the line people are waiting to see from you Gogi. Thanks for making it clear.

        Hybrid sim itself is half criminal and no memory expansion is full criminal. None of these Chinese want to give us full perfect package. Either memory, or battery, or camera, they leave atleast one grey area in the otherwise amazing phones.

  13. Yes, now days its being a trend to take much much better pictures with ur mobile ? especially from the front camera

  14. Seems everyone wants to become professional photographer , why people focus so much attention on camera of the mobile ,just shot and enjoy, seems like everybody wants to win an award by shooting excellent photos

      1. Bhai kyun itna gussa ho raha h ,mein bas yeh kah raha hu itni detail photography ki kya zarurat padti h

        1. Everyone buys gadgets at their one expenses so who on Earth gives u the right to talk to others like this and that’s on This Specific Day.

          HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY guys

    1. Dude, people want best all rounder camera phone under 15k and don’t want to spend over 30k for good camera and here we are exactly discussing that no one is going to win awards here.

  15. Happy Republic Day Gogi bro and to others as well. Gogi bro do you have any information about India launch of cool 1 4/64 GB model? I mean do they have any plan of launching that variant in India?

  16. In good lighting conditions the cool one gives better shots then honor 6X and cool one seems to be the best phone when you use HDR mode. In fact cool 1 takes better pics then moto g 4 plus in HDR mode. Only thing you need to do is get the focus right with steady hands while taking pics because cool 1 does not have laser auto focus. So if you get the focus right then cool 1 beats both honor 6X and Moto g4 plus in my opinion.

  17. Awesome gogi bro you are a pro in reviews and as well as camera knowledge superb. Cool 1 camera is great I would have purchased it but I got le 2 in 9350 with all same features except dual camera so bought this 🙂

  18. Coolpad must introduce a 64/4GB version of Cool 1, because in absence of a SDcard slot just 20 odd GB available out of 32GB fixed ROM, is simply not enough. Some how one gets a feeling that Coolpad and LeEco are somehow not paying attention to India market.

  19. In 6x colors are more natural. In cool 1 colors are more bright than natural. Or it is just me?

    1. Its not natural in cool 1 pics the sunlight and evening time is captures perfectly and in 6x it looks like its still the early morning and as told by gogi it is shot in evening time so cool 1 wins the battle