Here is a comparison between the recently launched Redmi Note 4 and the Redmi Note 3. Both these handsets are powered by qualcomm snapdragon processors. The Note 3 was a huge hit and still the most powerful handset for under Rs. 10,000.

Redmi Note 4 compared with the Redmi Note 3

Design, Memory and Storage

Though on the first look both Redmi Note 4 and the Redmi Note 3 looks the same there are some design changes. The Redmi Note 3 is much curvier and the speaker vents were on the back side. The Note 4 looks different, sides are slightly bent (similar to mi 5 design) and the speaker vents are at the bottom.

Note 4 and Note 3 weigh the same. Both handsets using dual SIM Hybrid slots. As for memory you get 2GB/3GB/ 4GB (on Note 4) options. ROM is 16GB on Note 3 and 32GB /64GB on Note 4.

Redmi Note 3 vs redmi note 4


Redmi Note 3 is powered by Snapdragon hexa core (650) processor where as the Note 4 is using Snapdragon 625 octa core processor. Both chipsets are 64 bit coupled with  510 (RN3) and 506 (RN4) GPU.

Though with general usage there is hardly any different but if you look at Antutu benchmark scores it is better on RN3 i.e. 72014 and on RN4 it is 62428. ROM speed is also much better on Redmi Note 4.

Gaming performance

Both handsets are capable of playing high end games and both MC5 and Asphalt 8 games did well.

Heat up with heavy usage

The RN4 will be cooler compared with the RN3 for similar kind of high end activities for extended period of time. So RN4 does have an advantage in this area.


RN3 comes with 16MP rear and 5MP front whereas the RN4 comes with 13MP rear and 5MP front. Camera quality was not good on the Redmi Note 4, you can check sample images in my Redmi Note 4 review, I got OS update and after the OS update there was slight improvement but still RN3 camera is better.

Redmi Note 4 vs Redmi Note 3 Battery performance

It took me almost the same time to charge both handsets – around 2 hours 30 minutes. Battery life is better on the RN4 –  I got 5 to 6 hours non-stop moderate to heavy usage on RN3 and on RN4 it was 9 to 10 hours. Battery life is definitely better on Redmi Note 4.

Redmi Note 4 or the Redmi Note 3 which one to buy?

If you are already using the Redmi Note 3 it makes no sense going in for the Redmi Note 4. Redmi Note 4 is a good handset (excellent performance and battery life) but you will not like the camera. If camera is not so important then go ahead with Note 4.

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  1. gogi bhai,after lot of comment i got RN 3 deal only 9k 32gb gold 45 days old…cause seller want i check antutu score is 77897 and 3d is 19+ k …your score is marsallow increase score or what ?? it is benificial deal for me or not..
    plz reply

  2. I liked the camera on redmi note 4. I updated and all I do it just one click. Photos are good. Never happened with note 3.

  3. I have 2 Nos of Note3 with same configurations. The first one I got in the beginning and the second during Nov deepavali sale. I have big problem with the display of the second phone If I keep both the phone displays side by side, the original display is so good. The second one with the same brightness level is dull. The camera display also dull. Looks Redmi has sold quality problem phones at discount price during the deepavali sale. I checked in net, many people are facing this problems. Friends don’t ever come to the conclusion that Redmi Note 3 is the best phone. If you are particular, go for second from initial phase release. You will see the difference. Anyone has solution for the display problem, most welcome.

    1. The second one should be gray color , xiaomi putted tianma display which is dull compared to auo display.

  4. Can people having 4GB RN4 check which display they have is it tianma one , because my display isn’t uniformly lit

  5. I guess going by the flipkart reviews(4.4 star) redmi note 4 is actually very good. No other xiaomi handset have got this much good reviews in the initial sales. Not even rn3 or not even mi3. So the handset must be actually good.

    1. A review which belongs to RN4 just mentions two word “very good” and it got 345 likes and I wonder who is liking that review because a lot reviews which are giving indepth information are getting just 2 digit likes.

      I sometimes think reviews are intentionally kept good to increase sale count.

      Lot of reviews are repeated.

      In one word lie spoken 10 times appear to be true. Because everyone is speaking good.

      Have your own way to judge a device performance.

      1. You are partially right. Some reviews are repeated two times. But i saw even 1 star reviews repeated two times. And mainly only verified purchases can post reviews there. So no. Its not fake reviews. The handset is really good. Many must be satisfied with the handset. And the helpul thumbsup likes are given by xiaomi fans and those who are in favour of rn4. Even the not helpful thumbsdown dislikes are like 300 or 400. What do u say abt that then?

      2. There is no confusion there. There are 2k thumbs up(likes) for a simple “handset is very good” review on flipkart because Xiaomi fans click thumbs up for positive reviews and haters click thumbs down for positive reviews in flipkart. And there are huge xiaomi fans compared to haters. So its simple as that.

  6. Did you ever know what is the actual price difference between import price and selling price of xiaomi device in India?

    See this link below

    Rs.6,148 is price Redmi 3s prime is being imported from china. And it is being sold at Rs.9000 in India.

    The same Redmi 3s prime also imported at a higher cost like Rs.7500 from other factory plants.

    See the huge price difference in the same Redmi 3s.

    Now observe Redmi 3s prime selling page on flipkart. It has 3 model codes like MZB5156IN etc.

    Samr device with other model code is not as same as other. Battery and camera performance of each device depends upon particular model code.

    The model which is imported at low price is poor performer .

    But who want all this in depth details how xiaomi business is running on.

    We want best devices at a very cheap price and want to say no body can beat this price.

    Xiaomi is not a total value for money for a customer point of view.

    Xiaomi margin on each piece is greater than Lenovo and Coolpad Leeco.

    1. Bhaai jo 6200 k aaspass waala h vo ‘Redmi 3s’ h, aur 7400 k aaspass waala ‘Redmi 3s prime’ h. Khud b dhyaan se observe kiya karo aur galat jaankaari mat felaao.

    2. So what samsung will sell them for double, triple the price of the import price, import pricing will not give exact price of any phone.

  7. Now I want flipkart Mi Page to include 2 more options while buying RN4.

    Select RAM
    Select Color
    Select sensor either Sony or Samsung
    Select Made In India or China

  8. Just received RN4 3gb model. It’s a made in India phone. I checked the outdoor and indoor images compared to Zenfone 2 and Coolpad note 5. The images are better compared to both. I think the phone has premium feel and finish and total value for money based on initial few hours of use. Please share your feedbacks about Made in China models as suspected by other reviewers.

    1. Ankytech, as per your comment mentioned above that made in India phones are better. Where did you get this Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 from ? or

      1. I haven’t used a made in China RN4. But some are having doubts on its camera as per comments shared by some flipkart customers. I have bought from

    2. Wanted to add initial feedback, overall user experience seems better than RN3. That may be one of the reasons of high rating on flipkart.

  9. General rule of thumb is that do not buy a newly launched handset during first few weeks of flash sale. Reason is that generally during first batches of production can face manufacturing issues and quality control issues. These are normally rectified only after users report the problem.

  10. During launch event, Hugo told that they are using sensors from two different vendors,one is Sony and other is Samsung. May be some Redmi note 4 are shipped with Sony sensors and some with Samsung made sensors.

    1. That means users are at their own luck. Some may get good performing sony sensor, and some may get not so good samsung sensor if we assume sony is king of camera sensors.

      Now the point is why the user who is paying the same cost , get a low performing device.

      Is not it cheating by the company?

      I always thought xiaomi is a rising company with awesome products in their portfolio.

      But now I have to think again before going for xiaomi.

      1. Component manufacturers for same product will be different for any company. Not only xiaomi ,manufacturers choose the components which will perform same, it will all comes to software optimization.

    2. It’s funny how people take this so lightly. Producing phones having sensors from two different companies and claiming that as a good feature is disgusting. Xiaomi is fooling people into buying their carelessly manufactured goods.

    3. So much for quality control. I wish one plus had a phone under 15k! Overall, one plus one is a better brand of the two.

      1. Nubia, buggy software, no updates, heating, poor battery backup, no service center source own experience of z9 mini, better go for another reputed brand.

        1. Dear Shashikant, I am also using ZTE Nubia Z9 mini from last 1 year. Not a single problem till date. Top notch camera, both front and back, awesome music quality (with good quality earphone), nice look. Yes Nubia UI is little buggy but I am using Nova launcher and it’s good. Bought only Rs. 9k at that time.

        1. No big deal. If you want good camera in your price range, that’s the only option for you or else you can buy, tried and tested garbage phones like Xaomi or Le with bad camera for the same price.

  11. Some people in Flipkart reviews says they got made in China handset, is it true, I think made in China handset having bad camera.

  12. Well I trust gogi for his best unbiased reviews. But gogi once told le2 camera is bad but in reality it is better than rn3 in every situation. Redmi camera & screen quality very poor. Cool 1 has the best camera even better than Moto g4 plus. In Moto g4 plus images are not that sharp.

    1. But I will check it by myself. I will order RN 4 from Flipkart in next sale. I will check the camera then I will return it very next day and get my refund.

      1. Itni jaldi return nahi hota jaisa aap bata rahe ho shoes ghis jaate hai flipkart pe return kerne main

        1. I have known a loophole in Flipkart system. So it’s easy for me to return any electronic device like mobile tablet. This mobile is only 10k. I have returned iPhone 6 pixel Xperia m le max.

  13. I trust gogi bro, I don’t even know there are any person or people who review, from first day I’m reading only his reviews. If gogi is saying RN4 has worst camera then it has.

  14. Gogi bro, if you have to compare only the camera department between Redmi note 4 and mi max, which one has better shot?

      1. Haha, I have mi max too and it has a very bad camera. Redmi note 3 fares good in terms of camera quality.

  15. Though it is off topic. My RN3 facing touch sense not working many time. I have to restart it by pressing power button for long time. Does any one facing same issue ? Is it hardware problem or only software issue ?

    1. Try a factory reset, it will erase all the data, check the handset then if it works then it was some software issue.

  16. Dear Gogi! As xiaomi promised, they put Sony IMX 258 OR Samsung S5K3L8 sensor in rear camera . In your review unit which sensor is using in rear camera?
    Check it via app.

      1. Yes I too agree that the end product should perform equally in all cases. But that is not happening and hence we have to figure out where is the fault.

        In order to find the defect we have to trace what is the sensor being used so that a final verdict can be declared.

        If you observed carefully all 4 GB varients are made in china only whether you buy from flipkart or

        Also all 3 GB varients are made in India.

        Again in these varients all 3GB varients will have same sensor.

        Also all grey and black varients will have same performance.

        In short what I want to tell you all is all gold varients 3GB ram are performed similar. Similarly all grey varients will have similar performance.

        Xiaomi different color varients perform diffently due to different manufacturers supplying their own components.

        Also all xiaomi devices sent to reviewers will have improved camera sensors and good battery setup so that the explorers can give good feedback.

        The devices which are sold via flash sales will not have same quality because nobody cares about ordinary people feedback.

        The device which was given to Gogi was ordinary device which was generally at sale available for ordinary people. That is the reason why it is not performing well.

        Be careful with xiaomi.

  17. Guys you need to realize that most of the reviewers get money to promote but Gogi bro does real reviews. You should have waited for his camera review instead of whining. Xaomi takes advantage of sheep like you by keeping flash sales.

    1. But the flipkart customers seem to be happy with the camera performance. Maybe its subjective.

  18. Hello Gogi Bhai, I got Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 yesterday from flipkart. Everything is fine except camera both rear and front. I really hate its camera. After OS update also, there was no improvement in the picture quality taken by its camera. Gogi Bhai, please tell me the procedure to fix this camera related issue.

    1. Well there is nothing you can do. I guess wait for the Nougat update but highly unlikely that it will also improve the camera.

      1. Ha ha software update has own limit, only hardware update, but it not possible. Better buy cool 1 if you want best camera, otherwise RN4 is good

    2. Agree and look at all the positive reviews from other YouTubers, I also got one thinking Gogi got a defective unit and other top bloggers were saying camera is better than note 3. Camera is very bad, I miss my Redmi Note 3. Made a mistake buying RN4.

      1. Can you please check and reply what is the sensor used in RN4 ? I mean having sony sensor or samsung sensor.

        Xiaomi handsets are never unique. Every 2 handsets will have some minor differences. I experience this with Redmi 3s 16 GB gold and Redmi 3s 32 GB silver. Display and camera are having differences due to different manufacturers supplying LCD panels.

        Same is the case happening with RN4.

  19. Thanks Mr. Rana, for clarity on Camera quality. It seems, The much touted Superior camera of RN4, he called it better than RN3, is just a marketing hoax by Hugo Barra. I almost got a RN4 in first sale, convinced that Xiaomi improved the Cam quality, but they did not. Cool 1 is having a nicer cam, but 32GB fixed ROM is crap. Thus now forced ln to go for Honor 6X, 64/4GB.

    1. Yes Cool 1 is better, and 32GB is limitation for some for me it is okay, I can move files on to pendrive and free up internal space as and when needed. But yes depends on person to person.

  20. The redmi note 3 was a kind of benchmark set for budget smartphones, for which even the same company couldn’t match it with the next higher model.
    RN3 rules..