Are you a content creator looking to up your video game? Zhiyun Crane 4 Combo is the answer. For modern-day content creators, this gimbal is built for stability unmatched by any other and also offers versatility with ease of use. Let’s get into why every serious videographer needs this gimbal.

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Unboxing the Zhiyun Crane 4 Combo

The box in which Zhiyun Crane 4 Combo comes in at first tells you that its contents are of high quality. Opening it, one finds a sturdy case, crucial to protect your gimbal when on-the-go. However, let us take a closer look at what is inside.

What’s Inside the Box?

Certainly, the gimbal itself takes centre stage but there is more to it than just that. There are other accessories included such as some top-quality ones and different tripod stands as well as multiple mounting plates that can be used in various cameras and settings. They have been designed with good ergonomics for a stable grip on these accessories.

Design and Build Quality

The design of Zhiyun Crane 4 combo is elegant using superior materials that bring about durability. Its body feels solid while texture gives a good grip making it comfortable even during long shooting sessions. The carry case provided is not just fancy – it is essential for protecting your investment.

Payload Capacity

One of the exceptional features of Zhiyun Crane 4 Combo is its payload capacity which reaches six kilograms (kgs). This implies that it has great compatibility since it accommodates variety of cameras and lenses making it an all-round tool for any videographer regardless of weight involved in his or her work as long as they are within its maximum limit. Regardless if you’re working with lightweight mirrorless camera or heavier DSLR; this gimbal won’t disappoint.

Mounting and Setup

Mounting your camera on the gimbal is a piece of cake when you use various mounting plates. These plates provide flexibility and user-friendliness to enable swift changes between different cameras or setups. The initial setup is pretty simple with instructions provided in the manual.

Balancing the Gimbal

The performance of the gimbal depends on how well it is balanced. With this step-by-step balancing guide, Zhiyun Crane 4 Combo makes it easy. Unlock all axes, adjust the position of your camera and make sure it remains steady at whatever angle it might be. It may take some practice but it’s an important step towards achieving smooth footage.

Locking Mechanism

When traveling, this gimbal has a strong locking mechanism that will hold your axes in place and keep them from moving around thereby potentially damaging it. For storage purposes, ensure to lock the gimbal up to maintain its condition.

Controls and Ports

Zhiyun Crane 4 Combo boasts several controls including joystick for movement, trigger button as well as other buttons that serve diverse functions. There are two Type-C ports used for connectivity along with a knob designed for zooming or focusing adjustments. The placement of these keys is just perfect alongside their ease of use which makes operating this gimbal much easier.

Special Features

One unique feature about this particular gimbal is the addition handle that allows for specific angle shots while filming (Zhiyun). A light diffuser also comes with this package making it ideal to enhance your lighting set up; especially if you have poor natural lighting conditions in your location (Zhiyun). By adding these accessories, Zhiyun Crane 4 Combo becomes more flexible and turns into an all-inclusive device for vloggers using one item only .


The auto-calibration function is a highlight. Just stick to the instructions, and let the gimbal do its own job of calibrating itself for optimum performance. This feature becomes more important when one decides to change lenses or any other part of the camera since it makes sure that the gimbal is well adjusted and ready for use.


Connecting your camera to the gimbal via Bluetooth is easy and it increases its versatility. The gimbals can be controlled and managed directly from as they are, making shooting while on motion much easier without touching on the settings in order to adjust on my camera.

Vertical Shooting

Vertical video has taken off in a big way, with Zhiyun Crane 4 Combo being well-equipped for this format. It’s equally simple to set up for vertical shooting and balance it in this mode as it’s horizontal mode. Therefore, this feature works best for social media content creators who use platforms like Instagram or TikTok that require videos to be shot vertically.

Battery Life and Performance

The gimbal’s battery life is impressive, providing enough power for extended shooting sessions. It performs well in various shooting conditions, offering smooth and stable footage regardless of the environment. The ergonomic design ensures that you can use the gimbal comfortably for long periods without fatigue.

Pricing and Conclusion

Priced between Rs.50,000 to Rs.55,000, the Zhiyun Crane 4 Combo offers excellent value for its features and build quality. It’s a worthwhile investment for serious content creators looking for a reliable and versatile gimbal. The included accessories, robust design, and ease of use make it a top choice in the market.


In conclusion, the Zhiyun Crane 4 Combo is a standout gimbal that caters to the needs of modern content creators. Its high payload capacity, versatile mounting options, and user-friendly features make it a valuable addition to any videographer’s toolkit. Whether you’re shooting professional videos or social media content, this gimbal will help you achieve smooth, high-quality footage.


  1. What cameras are compatible with the Zhiyun Crane 4 Combo?
    • The gimbal is compatible with a wide range of cameras, including mirrorless cameras and DSLRs. Check the official website for a complete list of compatible models.
  2. How long does the battery last?
    • The battery life is impressive, lasting several hours depending on usage. It’s sufficient for extended shooting sessions.
  3. Is it easy to travel with this gimbal?
    • Yes, the included carry case and locking mechanism make it easy to transport the gimbal without damaging it.
  4. What is the maximum weight the gimbal can support?
    • The Zhiyun Crane 4 Combo can support up to 6 kgs, accommodating various cameras and lens combinations.
  5. Are there any special maintenance tips for this gimbal?
    • Regularly check the balance and calibration, ensure the locks are engaged during transport, and clean the gimbal to keep it in top condition.

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