How to shoot professional videos for under Rs. 15,000. All you need is the Xiaomi Mi 4K Mini Action camera and the Xiaomi Mi Action camera Gimbal that is made especially for the Mi 4K mini Action camera.  Check this review to know more.

I have already done the review of the Mi Mijia 4K Mini Action camera you can check that. This is the review of Xiaomi Mi Action camera Handheld Gimbal. Now this Gimbal is specially made for the Mi Action camera.

The Xiaomi Mi Action camera Gimbal comes with 3 axis stabilization and houses a 5000 mAh battery. The good part is that this gimbal will power the mini camera and most of the basic controls are on the Gimbal itself – still shot button, video record button etc.

Xiaomi Mi Action Camera Handheld Gimbal quality

With this Gimbal and the Mi 4K Mini action camera you will be able to shoot really awesome, smooth videos like you see in movies, professional smooth shots. And all this for just under Rs. 15,000 (USD 230) – i.e. using Mi Action camera + Mi Action camera Gimbal.

Xiaomi Mi Action Camera Handheld Gimbal review

Xiaomi Mi Action Camera Handheld Gimbal Specifications

Brand : Xiaomi
Type : BrushLess Gimbal, 3 Axis and compatible with Mijia Mini 4K Action camera
Weight : 340 grams
Features : Ergonomic design, 4 shooting modes, can take smooth shots even when in motion
Material : Aluminum alloy, plastic
Buttons : Photo, Video / Power on / Power off, EV value button, Joystick for tilting and rolling and trigger button – double press for neutral position, triple press to control lens to face the 4 way joystick and press and hold to lock pan and pitch axis
Battery : 5000 mAh, powers the Mi Mijia 4K mini camera and battery life is about 8 hours non-stop
Inside the box : Gimbal, user manual in Chinese and data cable

Xiaomi Mi Action Camera Handheld Gimbal unboxing


The gimbal is easy to use you can connect the Mijia camera with the app and any firmware update will happen via the app. Mounting and dismounting the camera from the gimbal will not be that easy, initially, but with little practice you will be able to mount with ease.

The Gimbal comes with micro USB plug that will connect with the micro USB port on the camera, so when mounting the camera you need to make sure the micro USB ports fit in perfectly, check video review.

The results are pretty impressive. There is a mild bouncy effect but that is acceptable and happens with almost all 3 axis gimbals. You get really smooth shots, plus the gimbal and the camera are pretty small and light weight, easy to carry and the 5000 mAh battery will give you a good 8 hours of backup, pretty good for full day heavy usage.

Xiaomi Mi Action Camera Handheld Gimbal

The Mi Mijia 4K mini action camera works great is good light conditions, outdoor, under sunlight etc, but the quality is not that great is extreme low light conditions.


An excellent buy for those looking to shoot professional videos, specially long shots, follow mode, walk mode, running mode, sports, events, functions and even extreme sports. This combination – camera + gimbal is perfect for Vloggers (best vlogging gimbal / best vlogging gear / best vlogging camera) and Youtubers, do note this is not for close-up’s.

The best part is that the gimbal powers the action camera say your camera is fully charged and you use the gimbal, the gimbal will power the camera and you can use it for 8 hours after that the gimbal battery will drain, and since it was powering the camera there will still be 100% battery in the camera so you can continue using the camera without the gimbal.

What’s more carry a power bank if you shoot a lot, you can charge the gimbal with the power bank. There are 4 LED’s on the gimbal, it will give you an idea about the battery level. To charge the Mi Action camera Gimbal  you need 5V/2A power source.

Rating 4.8 out of 5

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