Feiyutech Vimble C review – the affordable 3 axis Gimbal for smartphones and action cameras

If you love shooting videos using your smartphone then you can use a Gimbal like the Feiyutech Vimble C and get a stable, smooth and professional output. Here is the review of Vimble C and it comes for just $127 approx Rs. 8200.

There are many 3 axis gimbals available in the markets. The Feiyutech Vimble C is the cheapest gimbal that does a really good job. Most of the 3 axis gimbal perform the same. I have tested Zhiyun Smooth C that also is a very good gimbal.

The gimbal is an external stabilizer that helps you shoot really cool smooth shots using your smartphone. These are made for specific shots wherein the cameraman is moving around while shooting. Makes no sense buying a gimbal to shoot a still subject from the same position, i.e. without moving, a tripod can as well do the job.

Feiyutech Vimble C review

Feiyutech Vimble C Specifications

Unboxing Inside the box : Gimbal, user manual in English and Chinese, pads to attach smaller recording devices like action camera (watch video review) and USB to micro USB cable
Model : Vimble C
Max weight : 200 grams
Tilting / Rolling / Panning : 320 degree
Weight : 420 grams
Can be used with : Smartphone and action cameras
Other feature : Firmware support, Balance adjustment side arm, Bluetooth, face tracking
Battery : 2200 mAh built in
Battery Life : About 5 hours of non-stop usage
App : Compatible with iOS and Android

Feiyutech Vimble C quality


The best thing about the Feiyutech Vimble C is built in Bluetooth and the app that you will need to download and install to use BT features. The process is simple and you can also update the firmware via the app, however in case it fails you can also update firmware using your computer by downloading the necessary apps from Feiyutech website.

If the smartphone is tilting left or right you can balance the same using the side arm knob (check video review). The shots turned out really smooth. All of the 3 axis gimbals that I have tested have a common issue and that is a mild bouncy effect, but that is acceptable.

Feiyutech Vimble C features

You can clearly see the difference between shots without the gimbal and with the gimbal. Another good thing about the Feiyutech Vimble C is the ability to use a smartphone or a action camera. This gimbal is using latest brushless motors for precision, it also helps reduce weight and provides impressive stabilization.

Feiyutech Vimble C sample

The gimbal comes with a joystick for easy movements, Bluetooth button to record / stop, mode switch button on the front and left / right knob to zoom in / out. For Bluetooth function you need to use the Feiyutech app.

The app also comes with face tracking option. Once you enable that the gimbal will follow the face and track the movement, this is best for self filming. With the Feiyu ON app you can also shoot dynamic Panorama with a button the gimbal will rotate horizontally by 360 degrees.

Feiyutech Vimble C price

The Feiyutech Vimble C is stable you can simply place it on the table in standing position or use a tripod stand connected to 1/4 inch screw ports at bottom.

Feiyutech Vimble C Battery review

There is a 2200 mAh battery that takes less than 2.5 hours to charge and on a full charge you get around 5 hours of non-stop usage. You can also charge this Feiyutech Vimble C with a power bank.


This is a very good option if you are planning to create professional videos using your smartphone. Feiyutech Vimble C also comes with an attractive price tag of $127 that comes to approx Rs. 8200. Check out the coupon code below (for limited period).

Rating 4.5 out of 5

You can buy this from GearBest for $119.99 using the coupon code :  FEIYUVIM (for limited period only).

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