OnePlus Nord CE4 Lite was recently launched, pledging a combination of performance and affordability. In this overview, we will go through the details of this new smartphone from unboxing to its stand out features so as to help you make an informed decision if it is right for you. Price in India is Rs. 18,999 with offers.

Unboxing the OnePlus Nord CE4 Lite

Inside the box of this phone is a slim package which contains; 80W SuperVOOC charger, USB to type C cable, SIM tray pin ejector, red cable club card, booklets pack, thank you card, sticker and silicon case. The mega blue color variant immediately catches the eye with its vibrant hue.

Design and Build Quality

The OnePlus Nord CE4 Lite has a modern design with a glossy finish. Made of robust plastic materials makes it light but strong. It comes in two stunning colors: Mega Blue and Ultra Orange that will turn heads.

Display Features

Nord CE4 Lite presents 6.67 inch AMOLED display with an adaptive refresh rate of 120Hz and brightness maxing at around 2100 nits making pictures vivid without blur or judder. It also comes with aqua touch support that ensures one can use it even when they have wet hands.


OnePlus have used Snapdragon 695 processor which may raise some eyebrows as it uses older chipsets on their Nord CE4 Lite. This implies that the device utilizes previous chips which offer efficiency in terms of power usage while maintaining good performance levels too. Additionally, topped up with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage capacity ensures seamless operation even during routine tasks like calls or surfing web pages everyday life etc. With an Antutu score of approximately 478k points across metrics such as gaming or multitasking capacities this means that this mobile can handle gaming apps quite well.

Battery Life & Charging

Equipped with a huge 5500mAh battery plus fast charging capability up to 80W, Nord CE4 Lite is designed to provide long-lasting power and quick refills. The phone can last up to one and a half days on mixed usage and about 20 hours of continuous video playback. Additionally, it also has 5W reverse charging feature that allows it to behave as a backup supply for other devices.

Camera Capabilities

The Nord CE4 Lite dual-camera setup consists of a 50MP primary sensor with an F1.8 aperture, OIS+EIS combination for stability in photos, and a secondary 2MP depth assistant lens that helps enhance portraits. It comes with a front facing camera at 16mpx which takes clear selfies hence suitable for photography lovers who prefer various options.

Software and User Interface

Nord CE4 Lite runs OxygenOS 14 giving an immaculate user experience. There are some pre-installed apps but the interface is still friendly enough. OnePlus has promised swift software updates which would ensure that the device keeps pace with the latest features as well as security patches.

Connectivity and Ports

The device includes two hybrid SIM slots where we can put either two nano-SIMs or one nano-SIM plus microSD memory card. Both sim card slots support connection through the fifth generation mobile network bands globally. For versatile connectivity, it also offers a usable type C USB socket, main microphone along side secondary speaker, headphone jack i.e., audio port used by ear phones etc.

Audio & Multimedia

Equipped with stereo speakers, OnePlus Nord CE4 Lite ships you away in media content if you play any sound into those boxes! Up to three hundred percent increase in volume makes this phone perfect for media consumption; music players or watching movies since its sound quality is impeccable even when watching videos or playing games on it.

Gaming Performance

The Nord CE4 Lite by OnePlus is a device that any game enthusiast would love to own. Although the highest graphics settings are not supported, medium settings run games on it smoothly. It doesn’t overheat during gaming activities and ensures utmost comfort.

Special Features

OnePlus has added several unique features to this phone such as 5W reverse charging and aqua touch support. This makes it an all-purpose companion for different situations thereby enhancing its overall usability.

Comparison with Competitors

In terms of battery life, display quality, and charging speed, the Nord CE4 Lite outshines its competitors in this mid-range market segment. Even though it may not have the latest processor in town, it has enough balance in performance and affordability which makes it a strong competitor.

Pricing and Availability

With a price tag ranging from Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 approximately, the OnePlus Nord CE4 Lite is worth every penny spent on buying it. The fact that you can find them in various markets means that interested customers can easily purchase one.


OnePlus Nord CE4 Lite has struck a notable balance between its performance ability, design features and cost effectiveness. With its impressive screen display quality, long life battery and powerful cameras; it covers virtually all user segments. If you wish to land on dependable handset without spending much money then surely go for Nord CE4 Lite.


What processor does the OnePlus Nord CE4 Lite use?

The Snapdragon 695 powers the Nord CE4 Lite.

How is the battery life of the OnePlus Nord CE4 Lite?

It offers up to one and half days of mixed usage or about twenty hours of continuous video playback time.

Does the OnePlus Nord CE4 Lite support fast charging?

Yes! And thus allowing quick top-ups since it comes with an 80W fast charger onboard.

What Is The Display Size And Quality Of The Nord Ce4-Lite?

There is an AMOLED display of 6.67 inches with a 120Hz refresh rate and peak brightness of up to 2100 nits.

Are there any special features in the OnePlus Nord CE4 Lite?

Yes, some unique aspects about this phone involve Aqua Touch Support as well as 5W Reverse charging that it comes with.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -