The Fly POP S220 is a new Fly mobile handset with a unique stylish slider with auto popup screen. Here is the Unboxing video and review of S220. This is a low cost dual SIM handset with good features and comes for a price of under Rs. 3,500.

In brief this handset can house 2 GSM cards, comes with 1.3 MP camera with flash, can play audio and video files, got FM radio, Bluetooth, GPRS/WAP and supports micoSD card up to 32 GB. This is a basic phone with useful features and good option to have as a backup phone.

Fly POP S220 review

I got the Black colour mode which in fact looks much better than the sliver model. The box pack itself is quite attractive. The first impression was that the handset was a bit bulky with a thickness of 16.6 mm. If you have used a slim phone before you might not find this comfortable.

There are no buttons except for the silver button on either side. When you press the buttons simultaneously the 2.2 inch colour screen pop’s up. This is a new style when you receive a call and the phone’s screen is closed you can press the buttons to popup the screen and start talking when done simply push the pop-up screen back into the phone.

Fly POP S220 box pack
Fly POP S220 box pack

When the 2.2 inch screen is hidden within the handset the screen looks too small and gives a unique look to the handset. When you receive a call you can actually see the name and number on the smaller screen. Well it’s the same screen which has more details but since it’s hidden you only see the top 2 lines. Press the buttons and let the screen auto-pop for full 2.2 inch view.

Fly POP S220 box pack with phone
Fly POP S220

With the pop-up screen the keypad also unlocks and when you close it the keypad locks automatically. On the bottom there is a charging USB Port (you can also use this to access the microSD card as USB drive when connected with the PC) and a 3.5 mm audio jack. On the rear side there is the 1.3 MP camera with flash light and a large speaker.

On this Fly handset you can use GSM + GSM (Dual SIM) cards with dual Standby mode. You can also use microSD card up to 32 GB. The Fly POP S220 comes with alphanumeric keypad, a silver circle with 4 way navigation, a center OK button, and another circle with shortcut to applications (Multimedia, FM radio, Messaging and Camera. There are 4 buttons on the edges surrounding the circular navigation, the power on/off button, navigation button and button labelled 1 and 2 which is for SIM 1 and SIM 2.

Fly S220 dual SIM phone
Fly S220 dual SIM phone

You can punch the number or select the contact from phonebook and then simply press either 1 or 2 to dial from that particular SIM card. There is not much customization available for SIM cards, they are referred to as SIM 1 and SIM 2.

The sound quality is good and quite loud. You can select MP3 ringtones. As already mentioned there are not other button on the sides expect for the popup buttons. For increasing or decreasing volume you will need to use the menu system from the phone.

Fly POP S220 slider
Fly POP S220 slider

The 1.3 MP camera with flash quality is okay and the flash is not that powerful. The flash in turn can be used as a torch light. This handset supports GPRS basically to navigate the Fly Store and for downloading. You will need a microSD card because there is hardly any space on the internal memory. The S220 also supports Bluetooth with A2DP.

I had fully charged the 1000 mAh battery and been using it for a day. I believe on a full charge the handset can last for 3 to 4 days with moderate usage.

The phone may not have the best of looks but the pop up screen mechanism will surely get you some attention.

Price Rs. 3,499 with 1 year warranty.

Check out the Fly POP S220 unboxing and review video.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -