YU Yutopia the real beast coming soon

After launching series of low cost smartphones, YU will soon launch a high end smartphone. It will be called the YU Yutopia. YU Rahul Sharama founder MMX has also confirmed via twitter about the next handset, called the Real Beast.

The full handset specifications and even the handset name has not yet been officially disclosed. But the box pack has already been leaked with the name Yutopia and tag line ‘The most powerful phone ever’.

If we go by the words the ‘YU Yutopia’ could come packed with the latest hardware, most likely the snapdragon 810 that is currently is being used on the OnePlus 2 smartphone. In fact recently the YU 5050 had showed up in benchmark results. The handset could come loaded with 4GB RAM and a minimum 32GB storage.

YU Yutopia coming soon

It may sport a 5.2 inch screen with 1080p resolution or higher and also comes with higher megapixel camera. So far one can just speculate, better wait for the official word.


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