The OnePlus 2 is the 2nd handset launched by the OnePlus company. Like the OnePlus one, the two was also launched with the latest hardware and with an attractive price tag of ₹24,999. This handset is powerful, comes with an excellent camera, has got a finger print scanner and dual SIM slots with 4G support.

Box Pack
The box pack is smaller as compared to one that the Oneplus one came packed in. The OP2 box pack is all red!. Inside you will find the OnePlus 2 handset, user guide, quick start guide, data cable (USB to USB Type –C) and travel charger 5V ~ 2A. SAR Value – 0.795 W/kg (head) and 1.447 W/kg (body). Earphone is not included.

Design, Display and OS
The OnePlus 2 is using a metal frame with a nice grayish matte finish and shiny silver border. Build quality is excellent. I got the review unit with the sandstone back cover – similar to as seen on the OnePlus One handset. The back panel can be removed and there are some colourful panels available (additional accessories).

OnePlus 2 review and unboxing

Weight with built-in battery is 175 grams and dimensions are 74.88 x 151.12 x 9.87 (mm). Handset feels strong and because of the curvy body gives a comfortable grip. This is a dual SIM handset, remove the back panel to access the dual SIM tray, you will need to slide it out – there are two nano SIM slots and both these slots support 4G LTE.

OnePlus 2 dual SIM card slot

Power button and volume rocker are placed on the right side, audio jack on the top and USB Type-C port at the bottom along with two vents. This handset comes with a single speaker phone and dual Mics for noise cancellation. On the left side there is a special dedicated button for quickly setting the Notifications (3 options) – Alarm only, priority notifications and all notifications.

The 2 sports a 5.5 inch LCD In-Cell screen supporting 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Colour reproduction, viewing angles and touch response are very good. The screen also comes with gorilla glass protection but it is not mentioned on the box pack, the screen does look like scratch resistant to some extent.

OnePlus 2 5.5 inch FHD screen

There is LED notification and you can customize the colour. Native video calling is not supported. The OnePlus 2 comes loaded with following sensors accelerometer, light, proximity, hall, magnetic and gyro.

Memory, Storage and OS
The OnePlus 2 (OP2) came loaded with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, there is no micro SD card slot. OP2 with the same configuration is being sold in India. On the first boot you will get about 54GB free space and 2.7GB free RAM.

OP2 is running Oxygen OS based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1. This is a 64 bit OS and it blends very well with the 64 bit hardware.

Could not check OTG as the handset is using the latest USB Type-C port, you will need a special cable for connecting OTG pendrives.

OnePlus 2 speaker vents and USB Type-c port

This handset is using qualcomm snapdragon 810 1.5GHz 64 bit big.LITTLE (MSM8994) octa core processor (4 x core A53 quad core + 4x Cortex A57 quad core) – 20nm coupled with Adreno 430 GPU. Handset does not heat up much, battery temp is well under control – the maximum temperature I encountered was 44 degree when using 4G LTE outdoor for more than 15 minutes.

OnePlus 2 review


Benchmark App Score
Quadrant 28938
Antutu (64 bit) 1st – 56292 , 2nd – 53153
Nenamark 2 59.9fps
Multi touch 10 point

I installed the Asphalt 8, set it to high visual quality and the game play was amazingly smooth, no lags, high quality graphics and better gaming control. The hardware no doubt is very powerful and it can play many high end games in high quality mode.

Op2 comes with 13MP (12.4MP) camera with OIS on the rear and 5MP (4.8MP) on the front. Rear camera comes with dual LED flash and laser AF support. Focusing is accurate and pretty fast. Camera quality is excellent in good lighting conditions.

OnePlus 2 13MP laser AF camera with LED flash

You can control the exposure however there seems to be some issue with the exposure as there was not much of a difference when I tried to manipulate it. The night shots are good, though with the exposure issue fixed it will do better.

The camera UI is also pretty basic, more feature and manual controls are needed. You can shoot still images, videos, slow motion videos at 30fps without sound, time-lapse and panorama. Rear camera can shoot 4K videos.

Check the sample images and videos at the end of this review.

Loudspeaker sound is loud however the default OnePlus ringtone Tune is too soft. In-call sound is very good. No issues found with 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS (instant lock) and Bluetooth.

The dedicated navigation buttons do light up and the menu button doubles up as the finger print scanner. This is a touch based finger print scanner, you need tap your finger on the button, and hold it for few seconds.

It will take some time getting used to it. Finger print recognition is accurate but takes about 2 seconds to decide.

Now coming to the USB Type-C port, it is USB 2.0 so you cannot achieve high speed data transfer rate. Also since this port is new, make sure you carry the data cable where ever you move (it’s a unique cable) and to connect with power banks you will also need to use the Type-C cable.

There is 3300 mAh non-removable battery. Though the handset is using the USB Type-C 2.0 port, you can charge the battery to 100% from 9% in just about 2 hours. Battery backup is decent but not really that great.

OnePlus 2 3300 mAh non-removable battery

For normal mixed usage battery will last for just over 24 hours. Moderate user can expect almost 24 hour of backup and for heavy users the battery is going to drain faster – expect less than 24 hours depending on usage.

For my usage I am getting on an average 25 to 27 hours of battery backup from a single charge.

OnePlus 2 battery performance..

Performance Time Battery drop % Battery Max Temp
Benchmark 13 Minutes 6% 37 degree
Gaming (Asphalt 8) 23 Minutes 12% 40 degree
4K movie play with full brightness + Wi-Fi on 20 minutes 7% 37 degree
Wall Charge (on standby) 1 hours 59 minutes 9% to 99% (wall charge) 35 degree

The OnePlus 2 has got a premium look, performance is great, handset does not heat up much and camera is excellent. This dual SIM smartphone supports 4G on both SIM slots and packed with excellent specs – snapdragon 810 64bit, 4GB RAM and 64GB space.

Normal to moderate users can expect battery backup of 24 hours to just over 24 hours but for heavy users the battery backup will be less than 24 hours.

Nevertheless for the price the OnePlus 2 is an excellent smartphone to own.

Rating [4.5 out of 5] – (Rating box limitation, cannot add decimals).

OnePlus 2 can be purchased from for ₹24,999 (if you have the invite).

Update (13th September 2016) – OnePlus 2 will get VoLTE support via OTA update in Next quarter.

Image Gallery

Rear Camera Sample

Front Camera Sample

OnePlus 2 video review

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  1. Gogi Brother,
    I want to purchase one more handset. my options are as follows.
    1) Redmi Note 3 32 GB from Amazon
    2) OnePlus 2 64 GB from Quikrs unboxed Quikrs certified with 6 month warranty at Rs.14392/-

    Is OnePlus 2 64 GB is better than Redmi Note 3 32 GB

  2. Gogi can you please tell me is the front camera of the op2 good for Skype chats how is the low light clarity.

  3. Hi Gogi, could you please verify the SAR value of the body?
    On the box pack that I received, it says 0.329W/kg @ 1g.

    1. And also, finger print unlocking is instant.
      I have seen couple of issues though like,

      1. Unable to setup the recovery options at the time of initial setup.
      2. Issue while installing asphalt 8. (Had to install for 5 times after lot of giggling and trouble shooting.
      3. Observed heating while charging itself.
      4. System does lag. Not so smooth at all. Lot better in my note 2, htc816 and mi3!!!
      5. Battery does drain faster.

      Will post more on the same if I come across any more issues (if I don’t return it)

      1. Nishad, the first thing you should do is update all the apps and if there is any system update. Then try everything else. If you face the same issue then seems like a defective unit.

        1. Hi Gogi,
          I followed the same thing which you have mentioned.
          But still I faced those issues. I had to uninstall the play store updates and reinstall many times. Somehow it got resolved.

          I am not sure whether this is defective, but I can feel the heat in the handset while replying to this post. This is is not at all acceptable as I am not running any apps in the background except using 4G!!!!!

          1. Make sure all apps are updates and play store is an imp one, check in my apps and see if everything is updated. And after that if handset is heating then ask for replacement.

          2. Sure Gogi. I am gonna do that soon, if I get these heating issues even after a complete factory reset.

          3. 1. Observed frequent disconnection of Wi-Fi.
            2. Browsing through pages is not at all smooth.

            Touch and the screen is pretty good though.

          4. Hi Nishad, I am also facing the same issues. have you reached one plus support ? any of your issues resolved ? the heating issue is not tolerable.

          5. Hey SB,
            I have given up with this device. Returned it back to Amazon as I lost faith on their software and the heating hardware 🙂

  4. Hi everybody, i need an invite urgently. if anybody have got an invite or if have already bought one please share me the invite he/she is going to receive … i need it urgently…
    my no. is 8468870848 an my email id is

  5. Hi.. I got invite.. Little bit confused with various reviews.. Is it real buy for Rs. 25k.. I am follower of you.. Or do I wait until YU yutopia comes out.. Ie. High end from YU..

    1. Hi Senthil, i need an invite urgently. if u r not buying then please share it to me or if u have already bought one please share me the invite u r going to get…
      my no. is 8468870848 an my email id is

  6. Hi Gogi brother I am facing a problem in op2 ie I don’t know how to switch on cellular network I don’t find any option in op2 mobile plz reply brother….

    1. Bro , i got my oneplus 2 yesterday.
      Just wanted to ask did you get screen guard attached on your op2 or not ?
      Cz mine had screen guard attached with some minor scratches on it.

  7. Hi Gogi I got one+2 invitation today need to be utilize in 48 hours I am not buying it so u want the invite code.

    1. Thanks, I don’t need it now as already done the review you can pass on to someone interested.

  8. Hi gogi brother I received op2 invite today, shall I buy op2 or move to iPhone 6 which one is better plz reply asap

  9. Hi Gogi,
    Need ur help. I am not able to get back to auto mode after selecting clear/hdr/beauty mode in camera. Nor am I able to use flash in any of these modes.

  10. I choosed nexus 6(Unboxed) over op 2 at just 25K on valuecart ( also available on overcart)

  11. Nexus 5 2015 is on its way way. It will be the best in this class. One plus two doesn’t looks like a good buy. Go 4 nexus or go for galaxy s series.

  12. Hey Gogi brother OnePlus 2 using GORILLA GLASS 4 and you are telling scratch resistant for SOME EXTENT ….. Can’t get you why you told this

  13. Gogi sir, In this review you have mentioned Slow motion video recording at 30fps. But what exactly the frame rate? What is the slo-mo video resolution?

  14. It seems VFM is missing from this phone, Gogi has pointed few things which doesn’t hold good for this & hence VFM is affected. Battery & Camera are two main things which makes or breaks any flagship phones.

  15. Hi Gogi,

    seems like you are not quite satisfied with fingerprint scanner. That is a deal stealer for OP2. how would you rate it (scale of 1 to 5, 5 being very good)? is it bettter than Iphone as they claim it to be?

  16. Gogi bro what about the front camera performance & does it support wide angle selfie on front camera, & how much wide angle it supports?? How is camera in night shot? Good or excellent??

    1. The camera app has limited options, for front camera there is just beauty mode and some other option (set megapixel, shutter sound). Check front camera sample. As for using front camera at night you need some good lighted environment (room light, street light).

      1. Gogi bro even though they haven’t mentioned in specification how much wide angle selfie taken by front camera, you should know how much aprox wide angle selfie taken by front camera as u use it?? I am asking night shot of primary back camera, good or excellent???

        1. It is not a wide angle, just normal. Check the sample. And please read the camera section.

  17. Great review Gogi ji, I can feel the excitement you wrote the review. Today morning I thought to choose mx5 but after this review I am going to buy it for sure, thanks.

  18. Gogi brother what’s that 2 pins in back side… You told it changes the theme when we change back cover … But I think it something else…. What say brother

    1. On this handset it was not there that is still experimental and will be in next big OS update called Hydrogen, I saw that at the blogger meet, I guess the extra panels that are available might have that option.

    1. That is laser for auto focus. When you switch on the camera you can see a red light glowing in.

  19. Hi Gogi bro,
    Will it be the same Type-C port used in iPhone 5 on wards?
    Can the same cable be used?

      1. That’s Lightening port not USB C, lightening is also reversible and magnetic but USB C is not magnetic also male and female connectors are opposite.

  20. Sir how is the camera quality compared to Xiaomi Mi 4, I compared myself but not able to guess as it needs a expect eye like you..

  21. Gogi brother I think we can use power banks without any additional Cable… We can use use all USB socket to fix it

  22. Good review, In some reviews by others, they rate it as average camera. I think the price is Rs. 24,999.00 instead of Rs. 24,499.00.