YU recently launched the YU Juice a 10,000 mAh power bank in India with a price tag of ₹1,099. They also launched a 5000 mAh version for ₹699. Here is the review of 10000 mAh YU Juice.

Box pack
The box pack was pretty simple, inside I found the Juice Power Bank and warranty card. Cable is also included in case when you remove the cardboard that holds the power bank and do not find the cable just look under the cardboard.

This power bank looks good but really does not match up with the finishing and the quality when compared with the Mi Power Bank. Build quality is good, it’s using Aluminum alloy shell, grayish colour and the two ends have shiny silver borders.

On one end the battery mAh capacity is mentioned – 10,000 mAh in this case along with input 5V 2A max and output details. On the other end there is LED indicator, input (micro USB port) to charge this device and two USB ports – one port supports 5V ~ 1A output and other supports 5V ~ 2.1A output.

YU Juice review (10000 mAh battery)

To charge the device just plug in any charger with max 5V ~ 2A output, you can charge this power bank with low output but make sure it is not higher than 5V ~ 2A (check the rating it will be mentioned on the adapter that you will be using for charging).

YU Juice when charging smartphone

There are two USB ports, you can simultaneously charge 2 devices. When charging the LED indicator will turn on – the LED colour will also give you an idea about the power bank battery level.

There is no button to check the LED indication, but surprisingly the LED shows up when you shake the device, at times when you are picking it up and sometimes when you are softly throwing it on the bed. Finally it has been confirmed that you can check the battery level by tapping the device – the same was not mentioned in the user manual.

YU Juice specs

It took me about 5 hours to charge this power bank from 0% to 100% using 5V ~ 2A adapter. The LED will glow red when battery is under 30%, orange when it is between 30 to 75% and green when battery level is over 75%.

I was able to charge a smartphone with a 2000 mAh battery for 3 times first time and after charging the Juice again to 100% near about 4 times the second time.

Sometimes when you connect the smartphone charging does not start instantly, even the LED is off, but it does work after sometime. Some users have mentioned that they need to shake the power bank to start the charging (I did not face that issue).

But there is one thing that was bothering me – Whenever I am holding the power bank in my hand and shaking it a bit, I can feel something moving inside.

Here is another low cost power bank from YU, called the YU Juice priced at ₹1,099. It does not really compete with the Mi Power bank, if possible (depends on availability) better go for the Mi Power Banks or choose any other bank.

YU Juice Power bank starts from ₹699.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in