Asus Zenflash is an additional accessory that adds external Xenon flash capabilities to your Zen Smartphone. With Zenflash you will be able to shoot much better pictures in low light conditions. This device is priced at ₹1,599.

Zenflash Unboxing
Inside the box you will find the Zenflash placed inside a silicon case, user guide and warranty card.

The Asus Zenflash is a small device that comes with built in micro USB pin connected with a small cable, you will need to remove the micro USB pin from the slot and unwind the cable (check video review).

Connect the micro USB pin into the Zenfone micro USB port and stick the Zenflash on back of the handset. Remove the film on the back to reveal the adhesive and then stick it on the handset back, it’s reusable adhesive, when not required you can remove the Zenflash and put the film back to cover the adhesive.

Asus Zenflash unboxing

The Zenflash gets power from the handset itself. Once connected the Zenflash app will automatically start, if it does not you can always manually start the Zenflash app. When Zenflash is connected and if you want to use the flash you should not use the camera app, instead use Zenflash app.

Asus Zenflash review

For extreme close-up this Zenflash is not that effective, the built in flash on your Zenfone is more than enough; however for distance of more than 4 feet the default flash is no good and that is where the Zenflash is quite effective.

Asus Zenflash

Check the sample images I shot with default flash and with Zenflash in a room from a distance of 10 feet. When capturing the shot both default flash and the Zenflash will be used. You need to make sure that the phone battery is over 20%.

A very good add-on at an affordable price tag. With Zenflash your smartphones will have better flash as good as seen on the point and shoot cameras / DSLR’s. This Zenflash will work only on Zenphones. This is best for group photos, at party, event etc.

Rating 4.5 out of 5 (cannot use decimals in the review box below).

Asus Zenflash is priced at ₹1,599.

Image Gallery

Sample Image shot with and without Zenflash

Video Review

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  1. I have loaded the app on my oneplus3…the app works fine….i rite don hv the device…could u confirm is it detected as an otg device on the usb port or is it just a parasite on the 5v bus??? This would indicate if there is a propriatery handshake between flash and phone…also has anyone torn down their device??? Is there an id ic which handles usb comms??? If it is using just the delay as in the zen flash app the flash led process is three stage …low intensity to gain focus then another low and another super high flash pulse…i guess this triggers the im 100% know it does not flash sync using usb or any other protocol…so i have been able to emulate the proper sequence on my oneplus3 without any issues…question remains if it will work…the flash is just 500 bucks on amazon…just ordered 2 so i hack one…i will post my results of the teardown…

  2. For long time asus zenflash is not available in any online shopping site, when will it becomes available?

  3. Hi. I have problem in the zenflash (current configure does support exernal flash) my phone asus zenphone 2

    1. I figured it out, just in case anyone else has this problem. It only works when you have the language set to English. It doesn’t work when you set your phone to different languages. 🙂 Hope this helps.

    1. If you are using Zenfone then you can go for LolliFlash dual-tone LED torch it is priced at around Rs. 699

  4. Gogi,is it bright enough to use as emergency light because at my location there’s a frequent load shedding at night.

      1. To all my dear friends….

        This device is as of now compatible with zenfone 2 devices….

        You all must search for the app ” Zenflash ” in playstore…. It will show the requirements….

        And, its indicated that this verion is not suitable for your device if you search from any other device…. So better check out with your device before investing

  5. Waiting for this nice accessory for low light photography in smartphone till the day it was announced but quite disappointed to see this is only available for zen phones only…

    A request to you Gogi Rana, there is also a similar accessory from Asus named loliflash, could you review that too??.

    1. Flashlight also works on Zenfone and it is slightly better than the default flash, but it will not cover the wide area as as this Zenflash does. And note Lolli is LED flash and this is Xenon flash.

  6. Gogi , now u working on moto x play , can u please please let me know which has better camera Moto x play / Oneplus 2 / Asus zenfone laser ???

    1. For the price Laser is very good, I have yet to start working on Moto X play, there are couple of other handsets I will be reviewing before I start with X play. There are times when you don’t get the handsets on time and then suddenly 5 to 6 in a day.

      1. hahaha. … ur reply is awesome … I can feel your pain!!! :p 😀
        “There are times when you don’t get the handsets on time and then suddenly 5 to 6 in a day.”