Asus Zenflash is an additional accessory that adds external Xenon flash capabilities to your Zen Smartphone. With Zenflash you will be able to shoot much better pictures in low light conditions. This device is priced at ₹1,599.

Zenflash Unboxing
Inside the box you will find the Zenflash placed inside a silicon case, user guide and warranty card.

The Asus Zenflash is a small device that comes with built in micro USB pin connected with a small cable, you will need to remove the micro USB pin from the slot and unwind the cable (check video review).

Connect the micro USB pin into the Zenfone micro USB port and stick the Zenflash on back of the handset. Remove the film on the back to reveal the adhesive and then stick it on the handset back, it’s reusable adhesive, when not required you can remove the Zenflash and put the film back to cover the adhesive.

Asus Zenflash unboxing

The Zenflash gets power from the handset itself. Once connected the Zenflash app will automatically start, if it does not you can always manually start the Zenflash app. When Zenflash is connected and if you want to use the flash you should not use the camera app, instead use Zenflash app.

Asus Zenflash review

For extreme close-up this Zenflash is not that effective, the built in flash on your Zenfone is more than enough; however for distance of more than 4 feet the default flash is no good and that is where the Zenflash is quite effective.

Asus Zenflash

Check the sample images I shot with default flash and with Zenflash in a room from a distance of 10 feet. When capturing the shot both default flash and the Zenflash will be used. You need to make sure that the phone battery is over 20%.

A very good add-on at an affordable price tag. With Zenflash your smartphones will have better flash as good as seen on the point and shoot cameras / DSLR’s. This Zenflash will work only on Zenphones. This is best for group photos, at party, event etc.

Rating 4.5 out of 5 (cannot use decimals in the review box below).

Asus Zenflash is priced at ₹1,599.

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Sample Image shot with and without Zenflash

Video Review

By Rajeev Rana

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