Microsoft is working with Xiaomi and offering Windows 10 free download for selected Mi4 users. Microsoft in collaboration with Xiaomi will be testing the OS on the Xiaomi Mi4 device. Selected users will be providing valuable feedback’s to both Xiaomi and Microsoft.

Microsoft – Xiaomi partnership is part of windows insider program that will enable selected Xiaomi Mi4 users to download and flash their Mi4 devices and run the latest Windows 10 OS instead of the default MIUI. In return the selected users will be sending direct feedback to the respective companies. The windows 10 installation will erase the Android OS.

For now I guess the windows 10 on Mi4 will be available (on trial run) for selected users in China. If everything goes well we might soon see Xiaomi offering handsets running optional Windows OS or Android OS. MIUI that is currently loaded by default is handled by Xiaomi and in case the partnership works, Microsoft will handle the windows part.

Xiaomi Mi4 running windows 10

Microsoft is gearing up to get windows 10 on most devices; in fact they will now allow windows 10 upgrade even on devices running pirated copies of windows.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -