At a press conference in Bangalore, Manu Jain mentioned that the Mi3 will be back and it will go on sale this Diwali. The company however did not reveal the number of units that will be available. But this anyway is good news for those who missed out the Mi3.

As for now it the Redmi 1S flash sale that is currently trending, but soon Xiaomi will get the Mi3 back. Vice President Hugo Barra did mentioned that they will come out with a new system. This system will help those who had registered before but were not able to purchase the phone – went out of stock.

Those who were desperately trying may get a priority pass, so in case you had registered for the Mi3 sales for most of the time, but failed to get one, you might get a priority pass – the Mi3 will be placed automatically in your cart and you will get some time to complete the transaction.

Xiaomi Mi3 will be back

With Xiaomi planning to get the Mi3 back in stock, it seems Mi4 might get a bit delayed.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -