It is the 16th and the next Redmi 1S flash sale will commence from 2PM onwards today on Flipkart. The handset is priced at Rs. 5,999 and about 40,000 units are available. As usual there are over 3 Lakh users who have registered for the sale.

Before you jump in, do note that there are issues with the Redmi 1S handset as already pointed on in my review, though the issues can be fixed via software updates, so far a fix has not been rolled out. There are some updates that are being tested.

Heat-up and camera app crashes are something common. It would be better to wait and see if the issues are fixed, but in case you don’t want to miss this opportunity go ahead. Only those who registered can buy the handset. It looks like for this sale buyers will not get the complimentary screen guard and micro SIM adapter.

Let us know if you managed to get one, or it went out of stock as soon as you hit the buy button. Buy (try ordering) the Redmi 1S from Flipkart.

redmi 1s 16th September sale

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. Rooted it , installed custom ROM cyanogen 4.44 , and after then unrooted it. The mi India people posted that the rooted phone is also considered under warrenty in their Facebook page. So wat r u waiting for guys. And as far as the future update is cconcerned if we unroot the phone then we r back to receive official update…
    And now after update
    1) low ram issue solved (up to 400 mb+ ram free.
    2) Heating issue solved
    3) Battery lasts for whole day now amazing battery back up
    3) android Kitkat 4.44
    4) u will forget all the devices after this update.. The real beast Redmi 1s no doubt.. M in love with this phone.. Thanku.

    1. yes redmi rocks…its a superb phone..people who are complaining need to understand that its a device they got for only 5999. They cant expect the moon. Guys who are sitting on benches thinking whether to buy redmi or not..all i can say honestly is its a phone which offers huge amount of value compared to the money paid. Every phone heats up. This phone software has a few bugs which will be sorted out very soon by MIUI folks…go ahead and buy. two things are outstanding. Camera and the MIUI user experience. Rest are all okay.

  2. Hi Gogi,
    Do you think a KitKat update should be able to solve most of the ram issues? As per my knowledge, KitKat is very promised to run even with a 256mb ram. I am expecting this to happen for Xiaomi 1s.

  3. Hi Gogi,
    Some observations. Had issue with camera but got fixed with the latest update. Battery seems to be OK. Memory reduces on continuous usage(Issue with the MIUI launcher). Will be posting more.

  4. I have got my redmi 1s. but voice is not clear for incoming call. it seems clarity issue with earpiece. did anyone facing similar issue with Redmi 1S

  5. Working CM 11 4.4.4 released



    1-Install TWRP
    2 Make a backup of the rom that we currently have in case something goes wrong
    3 Perform wipe data (Only if you come from another version of rom)
    4 Reflash the rom
    5- Reflash the gapps wipe
    6- Make dalvik cache and cache (Only if on another release)
    7- Reset Credits: fefifofum Changelog: -dev / androi … 11.0-Changelog Sources:

  6. in my redmi 1s i fell smell like burning wire near volume buttons if any budy have same problem plz share ,or this is only with my mobile plz reply gogo ji also my mobile heats up quickly but no lag till now

    1. I am facing issue with earpice. Voice in not clear. I check with 2 Redmi device issue is the same. is anyone else facing this issue

    2. yeah I also facing something burning smell when I remove back cover.
      plz somebody let me know if I return it to flipkart then will I receive whole refund or after some tax deduction. give a word wisdom people.

  7. Hey gogi, i know that we can not move apps to sd card on redmi 1s. But can we change the default storage on apps like camera, whatsapp to the external sd card so that all the downloads and images are stored on memory card?

    If yes then how?

  8. This is a entry level phone in 6k…all people who complaining about multi tasking are shifted from higher end phones to this so complaining.. I was on canvas 2:so after my usage there is 120 mb ram availability.. I used to clean frequently.. not a gamer so main reason to go for this than moto e is camera…I can compromise on multi tasking but not in camera

    1. Completely agree with you Dharit. Tons of people bought redmi expecting the moon while forgeting that they have paid 5999. I am extremely satisfied with my redmi1s. I used a canvas 2 mobile earlier with 512MB ram. This redmi is leagues ahead compared to my old handset. And Redmi camera and overall MIUI experience is awesome. Feels so iphone like. and the device donot heat up as so many people are claiming. Every phone gets warm. Looks like tons of people are hell bent on finding faults of this nice phone. Come on guys. for 5999 xiaomi has offered a very capable device. Stop complaining or else take a refund and chill., Buy Shamesung phones. You guys will be happy then. Chill

      1. You have shared what I want to share…people playing asphalt 8 with high graphics than complaining which 6k phone allowed you to play this…with HD resolution with 8 mp FHD camera… Asus may be better but it also heats up and 4k is a lot……

      2. @sunny, Let me know if I return it to flipkart then will I receive whole refund or after some tax deduction.

        1. They will replace it with another device.. If they can’t provide replacement than will refund but I guess in form of flip kart cash.. Better call their customer care

  9. Screen guard delivered today only, one week before expected date…and could you believe they provided 3 screen guards for free..and its crystal clear really of good quality

    1. Only two r screen guards, one is a practice sheet. Two that comes inside the brown wrapper r screen guards and the one that is with the blue sheet and cloth is a practice sheet .

      1. I got 3 screen guard + one blue sheet and two small arrow type thin plastic May be to remove air after applying screen guard from corners.

  10. Mi 3 की 6 सेल और रेड्मी 1s की 2 सेल से निराश हो कर मैंने सोचा की अब तो जेंफोन 5 ही ले लेता हूँ गोगी जी के रिव्यू को देख कर मै बहुत प्रभावित हुआ मित्रों आप भी रेड्मी का चक्कर छोड कर जेंफोन 5 ले लो फ्लिप्कार्ट पैर 8GB version 9999/- me उपलब्ध हो गया है मैंने अभी थोड़ी देर पहले आर्डर किया आप भी रिव्वू देख कर रेड्मी और जेंफोन में तुलना करे
    शुक्रिया गोगी जी आप दुनिया के सबसे Tech Expert हो

    1. Good decision…I also ordered my zenphone 5…zenphone is in the league of Mi3…Only the screen is HD and Mi3 ,it is FHD…but also there is a price difference of 4 thousand…Zenphone 5-excellent camera with phenomenal low light performance,better than even many high end phones of samsung,lg,htc…ample 2 GB Ram …so future proof…can handle any game you throw at it …even “Gods-injustice”…beautiful Zen UI …and you know what,its going to get Android L update also(Search in google)…ASUS quality and service is at par with Motorola…As both these companies partnered Google for their Nexus Devices…You cant compare its service and quality with any chinese phone maker who is encouraging black marketing by selling their devices on flash sales…

    2. Wow, shreeman aap itni achhi hindi jaante hain , krupaya aap is font ka naam bata sakte hai kya ?…..dhanyawaad .
      Jhenphone ki rivyu nau hazaar nau so nin yanve rupaye aur redmi chey hazaar main ek rupaya kam … ise karindnaa nadi main sui dhundna jitna mushkil hota hain
      Dhanyawaad 🙂 Tech Expert ka hindi main vishleshan तकनीक विशेषज्ञ …..jai ho गूगल

  11. What really pissed me off is that while there are people frustrated because they had not been able to get one, there are still people who orderd just cause they see it as a ‘challenge’ of getting one and sick minded people ordering just for resale. Get a life people

    1. True that too for a cheap chinese handset . Worst ram management .unless you root you get only around 200mb of free ram space . This will ultimately affect ur multi tasking . Only way to increase the ram space is when u root the device but once u root ur warranty will be void. So pple stop this madness and go for a android one model from indian brands

  12. I felt heating issue first time in fact handset just got warmed near camera when I changed my camera setting from simple to advanced shpot 1080 video..may be just because CPU in full power..

    1. Even my Redmi S got heated below camera when I was on WIFI downloading some content. I am not a heavy user of mobile so I am surprised……while I also have a Xolo A600 on Wifi and saw many videos but it did not get that warm as compared to Redmi S.

  13. Hi gogi bro I m using redmi since 2day battery is average, mobile easily heat, and the worst thing is that network reception is not good. I never lost airtel 3g network inside my house by using gionee p3 but with redmi I lost signal in every 2 min. Please suggest what to do.

    1. Rohit, if there is any software update, update it. You can also try factory rest as the last option. If you still face the issue then ask for a replacement.

  14. Which is the best compatible headphones for Moto G 2nd Gen? For music listening and calling. ( For music listening I would prefer having the next, previous and play pause button, if available ) Can you suggest some. Thanks.

  15. Gogi bro,
    What should be ideal temperature for a smart phone ?
    I need a suggestion from a expert like you, though I Google it everywhere but can’t find suitable answer, So far I haven’t face any issue with my device yet except low RAM and camera lag at 40°C. Sometimes app crashes too. (Note: I haven’t done any update on my device yet, still raw version.) Well it will definitely fix in next updates.
    I forcefully make it to 43.4°C, I guess it may be raise to more in direct sunlight.
    So, any comments on it ?

    1. Jeet, not over 48 degree. It will be hot over that temperature, though you can continue going over 55 too but better to stop using the phone and let it cool down in standby mode.

  16. I need this handset so bad to gift someone, failed twice now, I could pay 500 more if any1 interested I am from Mumbai …….pls reply with your email. I have been on since a year now so dnt take it as spam Thanks.

      1. Oh Sorry i said ” Is sept 23rd sale gonna be last sale for 1s after that will they start Redmi note Flash sale?

      2. redmi 1s sale only publicity stunt on 16 sept 2 pm no buy option is there in direct out of stock means something stunt daughtfull.

  17. Got one for my friend !!! 🙂
    It was my second attempt.
    On last sale I tried with Flipkart First subscription (And I Got Redmi 1S on last sale as well) , this time it was expired.

  18. ha…ha.. I don’t know how my place changed… I am from tumkur, Karnataka, India. yes I know your review unit had some issues, I, myself replaced two galaxy grand phones because of display problem and overheating problem. after that 3rd unit performed well and am still using from last ~2 years, so you can’t say every grand sold by flipkart has problem. between am reading your reviews from 2 years, I had seen people complaining about phones they brought after reading your reviews which gave good opinion and ratings..

    1. And we know a lot more who had bought a phone from his review and ended up happy. He is just reviewing the phone. Why? Because it is a kind of help or warning for future buyers if it’s worth or not. That’s how reviews are suppose to be. Then in your opinion should it be ‘My review unit has heating issue, better try your luck, yours might turn out fine’?? No Dude, it cannot be like this. Leave the good man alone, all his intentions are positive. I love 😀

      1. Yes…Gogi is a perfect reviewer..Reading his review from last yr..He is straight forward ..not a paid reviewer

      2. I too support Gogi. I find he is the only honest reviewer among Indians who straight away reported the heating issue and camera app crashing issue. None of the other indian reviewer talked about the heating issue so honestly. Other reviewers “talk more say less” but Gogi is perfect example of “talk less say more” – to the point flawless review.

    2. bro, i purchased canvas 2 after review of gogi only. and till now i hvnt faced ny issues.he is best reviewer.

      1. I also purchased.. canvas 2 after review…and I agree there are some problems with redmi 1s sd he pointed but I bought mine as I have trust that xiaomi will provide software updates for same and comparing cost vs features ratio.

  19. this is second time happened with me.. I registered for about 5 days before.. for both the redmi 1s sale… and I have proof and screenshot of that and also flipkart mail about registration…. and also till the the countdown ends it showed me you are registered for this sale … etc etc… but as I clicked buy now & within fraction of seconds … it showed me YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED .. isn’t it Fraud or some technical problem of flipkart… Should I file case in consumer forum against them…bcoz we r not bullshit to activate 3G on modem take high speed plan….. and after clicking buy now they show… you r not registered W.T.F.

  20. I tried 3 times to buy redmi 1s. Added one redmi 1s in my cart previous tuesday , missed my class to do so. But flipkart automatically cancelled my order and said that it was due to some technical fault. Tried today to buy one wasting my time but failed. I have money to buy phone but couldn’t buy from last one month , I was totally frustrated. FINALLY, today after redmi went out of stock I ordered micromax android one with amazing offers and 10% cashback and free memory card with guaranteed android update from amazon. Now my mind is in peace after wasting many tuesdays.

  21. It went out of stock with in 0 seconds. What is the reason. On 2nd september sale i got one but the order was cancelled by flipkart’s courier partner.they told me to get another order in coming sales. But it went out of stock with in 0 seconds. The things are odd.

      1. True.Many winners of flipkart are selling their sealed pack on have upload the sealed pack photo of parcel also.

  22. redmi 1s bilkul bakwas mobile h.bhut sari problem h is mobile me so go with mmx andriod one (its nothing like anything).

  23. hi gogi, it’s really sad to see you generalising problem you faced in your review unit. I got redmi 1s in first sale, till now I never faced any camera issues, heating problem, i played high graphics games and recorded 20 minutes of FHD videos, 20-30 photos in outdoor. 41°C is the max temp reading I experienced. Normal human body temp is 34°C, do you prefer the temp of your electronic gadget is should be same???!!!! up to 46°C is normal

    1. Manu Generalizing? pls check the video review you can see it in action the issues I faced. And you posted this comment from IP address is USA, not sure how you got it delivered there?

    2. i think few sets has some issues…mine is working fine. Max temp reached is 38 degree after playing temple run for 20 mins continuous and with 3g on. Cheked temperature through android assistant app. Not sure if this is bad or good but i am ok with this temperature. Overall a good phone. See manu no point blaming gogi. His reviews are very candid and honest. He has clearly told in the review that the bugs etc can be easily fixed via software and its a good set for the price. So why complain? Keep up the good work gogi.

      Gogi i have a question for you. When i run Antutu and the corresponding tests the handset heats up a lot. Is this normal? is it because the app is putting the system to test? or is this a concern? thanks.

  24. Today was 3rd sale.80,000 customers are using this phone but not a single customer review is available on,why?If really it is so good phone why they are not publishing customers review about Redmi 1s.Think before buying.

    1. Mr Sandeep request you to please open your eyes before commenting. More than 500 reviews are available in Flipkart. Please check properly.