Microsoft today launched their ‘5x5x5’ handset called the Microsoft Lumia 535. It is also the first handset with the Microsoft branding – Microsoft logo on the rear and on the front. The Lumia 535 sports a 5 inch screen, comes with 5MP rear AF camera and a 5MP front camera – and hence also called ‘5x5x5’.

The Microsoft Lumia 535 houses a 1.2GHz qualcomm snapdragon 200 quad core processor. This handset will be available in different colour options – cyan, orange, white, grey, green and black. It sails on Windows 8.1 (with Lumia Denim). There is 1GB RAM, 8GB storage and 128GB external micro SD support.

The 535 sports a 5 inch multi touch IPS LCD screen supporting 960 x 540 (qHD) pixels resolution. The screen comes with scratch resistant corning gorilla glass 3 protection. Users will also get access to 15GB free cloud storage.

The rear camera is with a 5MP resolution, it’s auto focus with LED flash support. Rear camera can shoot FWVGA videos at 30fps. The front camera is 5MP resolution fixed focus and wide angle. There are 3 sensors, light, proximity and accelerometer.

Microsoft Lumia 535 5 inch screen, 5MP camera and quad core launched

Key features are 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. Lumia 535 weight is 146 grams and is 8.8mm thick. It comes with a 1905 mAh battery that gives talk time of up to 13 hours on 3G networks.

Microsoft Lumia 535 will be available in Single SIM and dual SIM variants. It will be available initially in Bangladesh, Hong Kong and China and then rolled out in other countries. In India it could probably be priced at around Rs. 10,000.

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  1. I bought this phone a month before now it is getting heated up near the front camera, how can I avoid that ? I have updated my all application, but still it is heating, please someone help me.

  2. i am new to buy lumia series, i am struggling to watch videos and access files like photo and music and video, there are lot of problems, if i play mkv file there message “not support” if i want to view photo from taken pc not showing in photo apps…
    tell me what i do?

  3. one question arises about this phone in my mind that,” this can play HD video or not”please reply

  4. I want to purchase Noika lumia 535 my Budget is Rs,8500/- Pls suggest any other phone for this budget

  5. Dear gogi,
    Does it supports whatsapp?
    coz i heard that win 8.1 does not support whatsapp
    i am waiting to buy this mobile.

    1. windows 8.1 supports everything, i have used nokia lumia 630

      1. yeah! its not enjoyable like android, its not supporting all of video files like as mkv and is on.
        can you tell me how to play mkv and avi and mp4 files in lumia 535?
        and another problem i am suffering like my data, yes my data has lost, please tell me how does it?

  6. Hi All: in my recent hands on i guess lava iris x1 is a solid + stylish + best in its class

    Reasons [positive]
    1. Solid design yet thinner by 8mm to 8.5 mm
    2. viewing angles are very good
    3. No Heating even when you do multi task + gaming , just gets slightly warm , but hardly felt, [goes by physics nature law, on energy not created or destroyed but transferred from from one to another, and not completely destroyed]
    4. good battery backup for that milliamp
    5. lag free games almost all high end and classic games, note: subway surfer hangs in ipad, yet its almost lag free in x1, even though it runs on kk OS
    6. camera quality and video pb is v.good, and hd pb is v.good
    7. quick boot and fast charging makes it very unique
    8. interface did not show any lag or patchy stuff
    9. touch display is smoother than samsung or lg or ipad mini
    10. IPS display is awesome
    11. Value for money is too good

  7. The slightly lower resolution is ok for a WP because texts look better on a WP when compared to similar size android phone (may be due to cleartype)

    Only missing thing i can see is that lack of clear black technology. If it had this too the display would have been much better even with the lower resolution.

    I expect the price around 8000 to 9000 in India

  8. Priced at around Rs. 10,000? I don’t think so.. Some other blogs n websites claim the price will around 8500 in India.

  9. Dear sir,
    what do you think is the future of Windows op. system / phones?Should we be spending money on windows phone or switch to /try other operating system phones?
    Kindly guide

    1. Ritest, it depends on one’s personal choice, some or should I say most like android and some like windows. But yes Windows phone OS will be there.

  10. Sir Please review this phone!
    I m waiting 4 this phone eagerly.
    please review this phone.
    currently i m using unite 2. i bought it by reading ur review about it.
    Will it be worth upgrading my unite 2 with lumia 535? Coz i play asphalt 8.
    So thats y i m consulting u.
    u always gv ri8 advice.
    please reply.
    thank you

  11. Nokia is already late in bringing affordable 5 inch phone and now the display is not even 720p. Thankfully the ram is 1gb.

  12. Hi! Gogi,Does it support fhd/hd videos? Anyway,Decent specs for entry level lumia, Its fate will depend on pricing in India(below 9k will be good).:-)

    1. Quad core should but will need to check it out. Their specs on the official site says FWVGA video recording using rear camera I think it should at least record 720p.

      1. Dear Mr. Gogi Rana, 535 seems all good but I m searching the answer of same question. We have seen 530 having quad core still unable to play HD. So doubts arise about 535 also.
        Well, being a fan of your reviews I need an advice… I am using lumia 630. Do you think moving to 535 will be an upgrade really?

        1. Hi if you are using 630 better stay with it. Not much difference 5 inch qHD screen and 1GB RAM.

    2. lol without nokia ms has fate itself doomed, buyers many know it as lumina {nokia stuff}, yet the old fox ms started to show its foxy attitude “american way”