In another interview with digit, Hugo Barra has mentioned that they are planning to get the Xiaomi Mi4 in India by end of this year, probably in December. They have decided not to bring the Mi4 3G version instead it will be (4G) FDD-LTE.

The Mi3 3G (WCDMA) version was already launched in China in Jan 2014 and recently in India. Hugo said that in the future they are working to launch products in different countries simultaneously, so none remain behind.

They cannot directly pickup the units from China and import into India. For India the packaging is different and so is the software, including the language, APN settings plus some more changes. The company will also roll out Android L, ASAP when they have access to the codebase.

Hugo specially mentioned that in case of issues with the devices everything will be fixed in India. In case there is some problem with the hardware or software the same will be replaced immediately if not fixable. They are working to get the spare parts in service centers and if the device cannot be repaired it will be swapped immediately. Their goal is to resolve any issues within 2 hours from any authorized service centres in India.

Xiaomi Mi4 LTE coming soon in India

The Mi4 price in India has not been revealed but it definitely will be more than the Mi3 and the price gap would be good enough so as not to hamper the Mi3 sales. Xiaomi Mi4 (4G) I believe could be anywhere between Rs. 17K to Rs. 20,000.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -