Xiaomi Mi TV a new Series launching soon #switchtosmart

Xiaomi Mi India’s latest tweet reveals something new coming up. The company recently launched the Mi TV 4 and now looks like they will launch another TV in India, probably a cheaper one.  So watch out guys a new Mi TV series coming soon.

Not much of the Info has been revealed but if you go through the tweets that says, a new series coming soon, time to #switchtosmart TV and words like smarter, sleeker and slimmer. Clearly it is a smart TV.

What is interesting is that this will be in a totally new series and could be way cheaper than the Mi TV 4. Don’t be surprised if these TV’s are priced at under Rs. 15,000, you never know. Xiaomi will soon launch the TV’s in India may be this time it might come with screen size options.

Mi TV switch to smart

So what do you think the price will be and as for the screen size they might launch different sizes? 22″, 32″, 42″ and so on, what do you think, leave a comment below. And Happy Holi to all.


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