Xiaomi launched another Mi Home Experience store in Chennai.  The New Mi Home store is different, a lot different cause here you will be able to experience products that are not available / not launched in India.

Not only this in fact all new Mi Home Stores that will be launched in future (Xiaomi is planning to open 100 such Mi Stores by end of 2018) will showcase products that are not launched / available in India but have already been launched in the Chinese markets.

At these Mi Home Stores customers will be able to view all the products launched by Xiaomi in India, experience them and buy from there if need be. Do check the video of the Newly launched Mi Home experience / store in Chennai and in the video I have shown all the products that were showcased, launched in China but not yet available in India.

NineBot Plus

Here are the list of unique products that for now is not available / launched in India, but you can experience  the same at Mi Home Store, Chennai.

Xiaomi Mi Suite Case

Mi Electric Scooter, this one comes with double braking system and the battery on a full charge can ride you for 30km. Ninebot Plus is another self balancing scooter that will ride for 35Kms on a full charge – check the video for more info. Highly unlikely that these scooters will launch in India.

Xiaomi Mi Rice Cooker

Then there was the Mi Rice cooker, I actually have one and will come up with the review soon. Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner, Mi Smart Weigh Scale, Mi Smart Shoes, Mi iHealth blood pressure monitor, Mi Electric Kettle, Mi Suite case, Mi Car Purifier, Mi Smart LED lamp, Mi Bedside Lamp, Mi Smart Toothbrush, Mi Water Purifier, Mi TV’s and Mi laptops were the unique products showcased.

Xiaomi Mi Scale and Mi Smart Shoes

The idea is to show / let user experience products that have been launched in China and based on user feedback after seeing the products, Xiaomi will decided if the said product should be launched in India or not.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in