Xiaomi Mi A1 Android Oreo update suspended for few weeks

Xiaomi had rolled out Mi A1 update with Android Oreo. The update was already rolled out and I also came up with the update video. But it seems many users were facing some issues with the update and hence the company has suspended the update and will be resumed after few weeks.

I have the Mi A1 Red Edition and I also updated to the Mi A1, however I did not face any issues as such, and the reason being is that I did a factory reset before update and Xiaomi also found out another issue related to MyJio App, since I did the factory reset, there were no extra apps installed hence the update went through smooth and I did not notice any issues.

Xiaomi has confirmed that there are issues and one app the MyJio app seems to be causing the delay. So if you have the MyJio App try removing that app or go to permission and disable telephone permission.

Xiaomi will be fixing the bug and will roll out the update soon. Here are some common issues faced by many users on Mi A1 after updating to Oreo.

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Unresponsive camera, slow / unresponsive dialer, finger print gesture not working, light sensor issue, recent app issue.

If you are facing issues on Mi A1 after updating to Android Oreo try the solution provided above, other option is to do a factory reset that should fix most issues. Also wait for the next Oreo update that will fix these issues.


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