Whatsapp Outdated Error, did you get one?

Have you recently tried accessing Whatsapp and got a strange message that said that the Whatsapp become obsolete on 13th Jan 2018? if yes then there is nothing to worry, all you need to do is update Whatsapp, but it may not be that easy.

Cause the problem is that once you get the message that says Whatsapp has become obsolete, you get a option to update and once you hit the update button it takes you to Google Play but there is no update option there.

Now not every one might have got this Whatsapp error message but those who got it, and have still not found a fix, this is what you need to do. The best option is to download the whatsapp apk from the whatsapp official site – you will need to enable unknown sources before you can install.

The other option is uninstall and then re-install Whatsapp, but do note that your data will be lost. However if you had taken the Whatsapp backup then you will be able to restore the same.

If you got this Whatsapp become obsolete on 13th message then do leave a comment below


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