A tweet by Manu Jain, VP Xiaomi has given a hint to many waiting for a dual camera smartphone from the Xiaomi brand. The tweet clearly says that Xiaomi will launch a dual camera smartphone, next month.

After launching the Mi Max 2 the next in queue is a dual camera smartphone. Many were expecting this a long time back and now get ready for it, scheduled for next month. Though the tweet does not mention the model name, Manu has left it to users to guess that.

But it most likely will be something that was already launched in China – the Mi 5X.  This handset comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, features a 5.5 inch FHD screen, 2.5D curved glass and powered by Snapdragon 625 octa core processor.

Mi 5X coming soon in India

Mi 5X comes with 12MP + 12MP dual cameras on the back and front camera is a 5MP shooter. The dual cameras come with Wide angle plus Telephoto Lens setup, it will help capture bokeh style photos.

5X comes with finger print sensor and IR blaster, it will support 4G with VoLTE and will get power from a 3000 mAh battery. So guys get ready for the next Mi handset most likely the Mi 5X with dual cameras on the back.

What do you think should Mi price this at?

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  1. Going by history of Xiaomi, they are launching phones here that sales comparitively lower in China. I have a feeling that they might launch Xiaomi Redmi Pro as first dual cam phone for India markets.

  2. They should bring sd660 powered phone with dedicated sd slot, no sense of launching sd625 phones again and again. ?

    1. If you have noticed these days everything company is bringing dedicated SD card slot except Xiaomi

  3. Hi Gogi, Does dual camera anyways help while video recording? I have this doubt for a long time. Please do reply..

    1. No but on the Honor 8 Pro you can use dual camera (Wide aperture mode) so for now only that handset allows use of dual cameras when recording videos.

      1. But screen quality of Honor 8 pro is very poor… My friends 8pro just fell down into his car, merely few inches, and it’s half of screen has been broken…New screen cost is 6000… So what is the use of Gorilla Glass on it? I am using Asus Zenfone 3 from last 3months without any back cover and tempered glass and it fall down several times from more than 1feet.. Sometime I thought that it would have completely broken from both side but guess what??? It doesn’t get even a single scratch till date!!! Thats the quality.. So beware friends before investing 30k into Honor 8. Some people will argue that it depend the surface where the phone hit first but for those people I would say that my phone get direct hit on every surface (front, back, sides). LG Q6 is offering six month free replacement warranty and that sounds good. Why Honor 8 is not providing such warranty at 30k phone??

        1. That was luck, I had used honor 8 and it fell from my hand couple of times. From good height too, apart from dents and an minior internal crack on the glass edge, no issue. If handset falls glass first, i.e. glass hits the ground first or takes the first impact, its done. Quality is not poor your luck was bad.

  4. Now battle will start between under 15k
    Lenovo K8 Note vs Mi 5X vs Moto G5s Plus
    Healthy competition = Treat for Consumers?

    1. Please see the customers reviews and rating on amazon of Lenovo k8 note ….not that good.

  5. Lenovo K8 Note has been launched with 13K, this needs to be priced less then 11K. Also Lenovo is Deca core.
    Hope so Mi can bring this in 5′

  6. Thanks for reply, In my Observation
    Apple, oneplus, xiaomi using RGB/Telephoto lens. But Huawei brand using RGB/monochrome, Huawei company camera Results are better than rest of companies.

  7. Hello gogi ji, please clarify which is better comparing dual cameras:
    Telephoto lens vs RGB, Monochrome lenses.
    Thanks in Advance {I mean for good photography}

    1. Dual cameras is better, does not matter if it is RGB/Mono or RGB/Telephoto, both are good and works in a different way, in certain situations you can get completely different kind of results at time you will like telephoto dual at time monochrome dual. All depends on the situation / shot.

  8. Ohh again just another SD625 ? Xiaomi has nothing just 625 From start of the year to end of the year ? And it’s not a upgrade to all RN3 users like me , Rip mi

  9. looks like its going to be 5X, because in mid range segment Motorola is bringing duel cam G5S plus and Lenovo is getting ready with k8 note. So Xiaomi has to bring their dual cam candidate.

  10. exactly same specification as redmi note 4 except the Camera and battery. Camera get upgraded and battery got degraded…
    Atleast processor should be SD660.

  11. As you see Redmi Note 4 demand has now decreases. Last week on flipkart and mi app it was available till next day for the first time since its launch. We observed every time for the particular display size model, when sales getting lowest. They always launched New models in India.

  12. Y cant it be mi6? It has been launched 4-5 months back in china. But mi 5x was launched recently. They usually launch old products in india

    1. They can launch this one too the Mi6, but the Mi 5X is cheaper than Mi6 makes sense to get a cheaper dual camera Mi phone.

  13. For 5.5″ FHD display, 3000 mah battery?? Is that enough for those who buy Xiaomi smartphone for excellent battery backup???

    1. With SD 625 it should easily last for minimum 1 day…
      So it should not be bad at all

      1. Yea, SD625 is power efficient and very good processor. Also it is very popular in mid range phone. Even Samsung has used it in C7 pro. I m using Asus Zenfone 3 (3gb/32gb) having Sd625 and with 2650 mAh battery, I am getting 1.5 days battery backup (medium usage). So it depends on person to person thinking and usage. For me more mAh battery means bulky phone and I love light weight phone.