If you are using Reliance Jio SIM you might have got an SMS from Reliance recently, asking to subscribe to Rs. 303 or Rs. 499 plan at the earliest and get additional benefits. So what happens when one subscribes to a Reliance Jio plan?

To start with you need the Reliance Jio Prime membership, for that you need to pay Rs. 99 a onetime fee. Reliance Jio Prime membership will be valid until 31st March 2018 and to keep it active you need a minimum of Rs. 149 recharge every month.

You can easily get the Prime Membership using Reliance Jio app from the same handset you are using (that has reliance Jio SIM). Run the Jio app make sure to use Jio data (do not use WiFi) and if required login using SIM (you will find that option there).

There are some bundled offers which are a combination of Rs. 99 + 303 or Rs. 99 + 499, so basically they are for those who haven’t subscribed to Prime Membership, they can do that along with either 303 or 499 plans. But avoid using this because the details does not mention about the 5GB and 10GB booster that you get when you become prime member and then select 303 or 499 plans.

Better get Rs. 99 and then choose 303 or 499 plan. The 303 / 499 plan details clearly mentions 5GB and 10GB data booster.

When does Reliance Jio Rs. 303 or Rs. 499 plan gets activated

I got Rs. 499 since my general mobile bill comes to between 600 to Rs. 800, with 2GB 4G data. Now if you look at Rs. 303 plan you get 28GB data for 28 days with 1GB cap per day after that 128Kbps speed. And 499 plan gives 56GB data for 28 days with 2GB cap per day after that you will get 128Kbps speed.

If you subscribe to 303 or 499 plan before 31st March you get 5GB and 10GB extra data (booster) for free – this is valid only for 1 month. So when your 1GB or 2GB data cap for the day gets used up, the booster GB’s will be used. Say if you are using 303 plan and you need to download 6GB data you can do that in one go, first your 1GB data will be used for the day and the 5GB extra booster. And say if you continue using the data after 6GB you will get speed of 128Kbps.

With 499 plan you get 10GB extra data booster.

When does the Reliance Jio 149 or 303 or 499 plan gets activated?

You need minimum 149 plan per month to continue keeping the Prime Membership active. Once you recharge your Jio SIM with 149 or 303 or 499 plan, and make the payments, you will be able to see that in my plan section on jio app.

There you will find your current plan i.e. Jio Happy New year offer, you can also check there if your SIM is prepaid or postpaid, in almost all cases everyone is on prepaid.

Also for now everyone will be on the Happy New Year offer that will expire on 31st March 2017. In the my plan section you will also find upcoming plans that you recharged for.

So whatever plans you select, the plan will be activated from 1st April 2017. Also the booster 5GB / 10GB will be available for first recharge i.e. you will be able to use that only in April month.

So go ahead and recharge your Jio SIM and choose the plan based on your usage pattern.

Wish you all a Happy Holi.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in