Reliance Jio users are aware that their free to use Reliance Jio SIM with free data will expire on 31st March 2017 but there is some good news after that. Mukesh Ambani today announced that current Jio customers and those who become one before 31st March can enroll for Prime Membership for just Rs. 99.

Under this Jio Prime Membership scheme the users will get to enjoy the Reliance services for free until March 31st 2018. The customers however will also be charged Rs. 303 per month (that is Rs. 10 per day). The Rs. 99 actually extends the content bouquet + free services.

So in order to continue using the Reliance Jio SIM as is, customers will need to become prime members by paying Rs. 99 (for year) and Rs. 303 per month.

So what do you think about this? And by the way Idea Cellular shares dropped 2% and Airtel shares dropped 3%.

Reliance Jio announces Prime Membership for Rs. 99 annually

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  1. Not a great move as many indian poor people dont even spend rs 100 for free net and calls.

    They should launch 2 plan
    1) rs 100 unlimited call and sms.
    2) rs 200 unlimited call and sms. with 500 mb each day
    3)same as new year\\\

    what u say

  2. Do i need to necessarily recharge for rs 303 every month after enrolling for jio prime?suppose i dont need data for few days so can i recharge after some days?
    Also will i be eligible to use lower tariff plans of rs 303 instead of rs 303 plan in jio prime membership?

  3. It is observed that since December I found that jio call dropped, and many times the downloading is very slow. I my self do not feel like to continue it.

  4. I don’t have any network of jio in Bangalore for around a month. Jio calls never connect, its a waste ill throw the sim actually in few days many of my friends have also done that.

  5. Is is important to pay 303 every month what if i cant recharge with 303 will my prime membership will remain continue or over ?