After opening up the subscription for Prime Membership wherein customers can become Jio prime member by paying Rs. 99 a onetime free, Reliance has now come up with another offer – buy one and get one free.

You do need to become a prime member though and it should be done before 31st March 2017. Once you become prime member you get a lot of options to choose from. And now Reliance has added a new offer buy one get one free, this works when you opt for a Rs. 303 recharge or Rs. 499 & above recharge.

Reliance is now offering free add-ons an extra GB data with these plans. So with Re. 303 recharge customers will get a Rs. 201 free add-on that gives extra 5GB free data. With Rs. 499 or above customers will get Rs. 301 free add-on that gives 10GB of extra free data.

Reliance Jio buy one get one free plans with Rs. 303 and Rs. 499 + above plans

With 303 plan there is a cap of 1GB limit per day and if you surpass that you can continue using net at 128Kbps (lower speed). With 499 plan you get 2GB cap limit and after that 128Kbps speed. Here is where the extra 5GB and 10GB data will come handy.

So for example when you reach 1GB for the day you can continue using high speed data as the 5GB quota will be used. Basically the 5GB for Rs. 303 and 10GB for Rs. 499 is extra data you get when you subscribe for the plan, and this data is valid for 1st month only.

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  1. Jio prim membership lene par 303 ka recharge kiya hua aur extra 5gb mila to hai but usako use kaise karna hai.
    1gb data khatm hone ke baad. Extra data kaise challenge.

  2. If we pay Rs 99 plus 149 or 499, will it start working from 1st April 2017 or from the date of payment?

  3. Bhai ye kya recharge kare 303 ka our benefit 201 wala ?samajhe nhi our jabse ye msg aaya h tab se jio kaam nhi kar rha h
    Pls clearly tell me what have to do for fastest speed

  4. The Add-on Pack is to be repeated every month? Also the 5GB Data is to be counted separately after the daily FUP Limit of 1GB???

  5. I have recharged with 499(+99 prime) two days back to get 10GB extra. Today I received following message
    “Recharge your Jio number xxxxxxxx141 with Rs 303 plan TODAY and get Rs 201 pack FREE. Offer available on multiple recharges for a limited period only.

    Can I recharge again with 499 to get 10GB extra? If yes, how many times it will applicable to the same number if I recharge before 31st March 2017. Gogi ji, please MAKE A BLOG POST ON THIS WITH CORRECT DETAILS.

  6. Jio prime members must have time span not one month but 90days and usage option on top-up in a/c like prepaid to general mass at-large indian.Atprsent 4G device is the only one having type of software in mobiles.

  7. Are these plans roaming free? I am planning to buy a JIO sim and subscription in Bangalore but would be moving to Kolkata in couple of months permanently. I am wondering if JIO will work without me having to transfer the number to Kolkata circle.

  8. I have joined prime, according to jio people even if I charge 303 now validity will be from 1st april. so won’t loose free usage till 32 march

    1. i meant 31 march. And as of now there are no plans better than 303 one. There was a time when we thought of 1gb at 250rs as manna from heaven. I will have to blame Mr Ambani for spoiling Indians with free 4g.

      1. Blame. lol. I did not buy JIO because it was free. Now that its getting a paid service and so economical I am planning to buy one assuming network won’t stay so busy now 🙂

  9. is it true that only one device can be connected to phone hotspot after registering in prime .????

    what about jiofi devices which can connect 10 devices as of now….what are tarrif plans applicable for wifi jiofi devices…???

    ….is prime plan same for jiofi???

  10. From long 6 months jio gave free net and voice calls, in between airtel,idea,Vodafone came down and announced free calls &data for low price which looted us from years and jio idea is which costumer is stand with jio after expiring free service,so they introduce the prime membership plan for Rs. dout you join prime membership after March the APN settings will change and speed will increse.

  11. Next year jio likely to again ask for 99 rs yearly prime recharge and increased monthly plan to 400/600 rs and again after 1 year same will be increased to 500/700 .
    Also how can speed reduce below 128 kb in 4G or 5G ,you can’t give 2G speed in 4G or 5G ,Bsnl coming with 5G.

    1. Mukesh Ambani ko tnx kahene ki bajah tu future ke disadvantages bol raha hai ..tujh jaise logo ko jio use karne ka hak hi nai hai dub maro

      1. Can you use it as your first SIM?
        I am sure your answer is no then you have to recharge for 2 Sims. Then what’s wrong if NIRMAL expect good speed or good service after payment

  12. I have a couple of questions:
    1. Can I change my plans every month? ₹303 to ₹149 and so on?
    2. If I recharge with ₹303 on 31st March the validity will be till 27th April. What if I do the next recharge by the validity expires, for example, on the 20th of April… will the 28 days validity start counting from the 20th or will it count from the 28th of April?

  13. I’m happy with what jio is offering. The only thing is that jio 4g data doesn’t work very well. It’s literally not usable most of the times and that makes the plans useless no matter how much data they give. If their 4g data network improves, I will switch to jio as my primary Sim and probably even get rid of my second Sim.

    1. Sandeep as of now 10crore people using their jio data speed is slightly low than other networks after march 31st 2017 jio will be fastest of all bcos it is new technology LTE which is very fast and voice VOLTE HD

      1. I opted for the offer and found that the speed has dramatically increased since then. As highlighted earlier, perhaps they must have changed the APN settings for those opted for the new plan. Hope this remains the same even after several millions join the new plan…

  14. I’m really worried whether I should do payment or not by seeing the reviews

    1. There is still time until 31st march for jio prime member subscription, you can do it on a later date, but before 31st march.

    2. Atleast u charge with 99 and enter prime member but still u have time though with 31march, after you see some exciting offer then chrge them i think jio is giving top plans for data compare to other network

      1. What about other operators….they had cheated us till now….and also in future….

    3. 6 month ago companies were charging 350 for 1GB data abhi 99 + 303 me 33 GB mil tha hai uspe bhi sochna pad rha hai kamaal hai

  15. do not go for prime membership now. just wait and watch for new offers coming every few days…on last day that is 31st March you will know the best option for your budget….possibly free unlimited between 2-5am. idea, Airtel, Voda will also be giving more data due to compitition. so let the 4 telecoms fight each other…more they fight it’s good for us. recharge on last day 31st march at Jio outlet.

    1. 2 to 5am offer no longer available for prime or non prime users .check website they removed it.

      1. Yes. seems like they have silently removed 02 AM to 5AM unlimited High speed internet offer.

    1. Tujhse bada bhikahri nai dekha aaj tak ???
      Btw use nai kiya toh membership cancel ho skti hai

    2. its all jio effect that other companies are giving some good offer.. so i will be loyal to jio bcoz i am using jio free service since October 2016 n i will use whatever they charge.. don’t forget voda, airtel n idea was looting us before jio launch.. low price data is the need of India so everyone can use

  16. Is this benefit are also for 12months..??
    suppose I recharge every month by 303, so does mean that i get extra 5gb every month

    1. Before 31 March if u recharge once 303 u get one pack of 5gb data, if u recharge two pack then u will get 2 free 5 gb data, if 3 then 3 upto 12 recharge u can do and u will get 12 pack of 5 gb extra each month , all recharge will be in queue and not merge or overlap as airtel idea voda doing in past

    1. as per present terms and conditions no one will gets night unlimited. also if you don’t have any plan active then you will not even receive incoming calls on Jio. others like Airtel and everyone else atleast provide free incoming even if you have zero balance in home circle.

      1. I had got free jio prime membership of rs. 99

        Besides this i did not face any problem with jio since October

      2. Itana free me diya uske bad bhi kehte ho ki jio cheat karta hai, you deserve airtel idea voda plan of 1 gb data for 300 rupees.

      3. Jab free mil raha tha to bahut achcha lag raha tha aur ab jab thoda sa dena pad raha hai toh nani yaad aa rahi hai, kyo. Hum Indians me yahi toh kami hai, humlogo ko haram ki khane ki lat lag gai hai. Aakhir kab tak koi haram ka khilata rahega. Abhi tak kai hajar karod ka ghata kha chuka hai Mukesh Ambani. Lekin apne maksad me puri tarah se kamyab raha hai Dus Karod se jyada Member banakar. Aur ye Member apna free offer samapt karne ke bad apna Sim kahi tod kar phek na de, so inke liye itna sasta plan or offer lekar aaya hai. Jinko hamesha muft me khane ki aadat ho gayi hai, wo hi Mukesh Ambani ki Aalochana karega. Agar ye itna sasta offer lekar nahi aata toh mai swayam Jio ka Sim tod kar phek Deta. Hum toh nine months se Jio Sim ka use kar rahe hai LYF Mobile wale offer ke sath. And no doubt, I am very happy using Jio Sim and LYF mobile.
        A lot of Thanks to Mukesh Ambani.