Reliance Jio Buy One get One free offer with Rs. 303, 499 and above

After opening up the subscription for Prime Membership wherein customers can become Jio prime member by paying Rs. 99 a onetime free, Reliance has now come up with another offer – buy one and get one free.

You do need to become a prime member though and it should be done before 31st March 2017. Once you become prime member you get a lot of options to choose from. And now Reliance has added a new offer buy one get one free, this works when you opt for a Rs. 303 recharge or Rs. 499 & above recharge.

Reliance is now offering free add-ons an extra GB data with these plans. So with Re. 303 recharge customers will get a Rs. 201 free add-on that gives extra 5GB free data. With Rs. 499 or above customers will get Rs. 301 free add-on that gives 10GB of extra free data.

Reliance Jio buy one get one free plans with Rs. 303 and Rs. 499 + above plans

With 303 plan there is a cap of 1GB limit per day and if you surpass that you can continue using net at 128Kbps (lower speed). With 499 plan you get 2GB cap limit and after that 128Kbps speed. Here is where the extra 5GB and 10GB data will come handy.

So for example when you reach 1GB for the day you can continue using high speed data as the 5GB quota will be used. Basically the 5GB for Rs. 303 and 10GB for Rs. 499 is extra data you get when you subscribe for the plan, and this data is valid for 1st month only.


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